A 21st Century Approach to A Safe Ketamine Treatment Environment For You

We’re always on the leading edge. And we’ve taken your safety a step further as we lead the way in providing the safest possible clinical setting for ketamine treatments: IV, IM, IN, and ketamine-assisted psychotherapy. We’ve talked about the safety of IV and IM ketamine treatment. We’ve also talked about the ways we’re taking precautions to keep you safe during this pandemic when you come in for ketamine treatment. What you maybe didn’t know is that behind the scenes, we’ve been continually scrubbing the air you breathe to destroy viruses and bacteria, lifting pathogens from hard surfaces, and laying down protective microbarriers – with new plasma cell technology that destroys viruses. We’re innovators, always seeking the best possible solutions. So, true to form, we’re the first ketamine practice anywhere to offer this complete technological safety package for our patients. In fact, we’re leaps and bounds ahead because your safety and ours is of utmost importance.

We’re in this together.

Let me tell you about what we’re doing for you.

We’re on the side of science — not just about psychiatry, treatment-resistant depression, PTSD, BDNF, mechanisms of action, the lateral habenula, g-proteins. (What is all this stuff, right?) We jump right in to understand the controversies, to wade through the weeds — with new treatments like ketamine and with new world-wide health threats like COVID-19 — and we’ve been looking the safest technology to create a safe space. Staying safe, and staying healthy, is really the biggest game in town.

So we stay up late, reading. And sometimes, like you, we’re up early, worrying. About how to stay safe. How to make it. How to make sure that you make it.

And we’re doing that with VB Enviro Care.

If you’re thinking about ketamine treatment, you should see a psychiatrist who is on the forefront of innovation — in every aspect of their work, including the space they’ve created to offer you treatment. We believe that, and we live and breathe it. So today we’re going to talk about that space — our incredibly lovely space — and the air you breathe when you’re with us.

VB Enviro Care provides us with the best technology that destroys viruses like coronavirus in our offices.

So we can all breathe easier. So we can be less fearful.

It’s tough enough to come up for a breath of air when you’re depressed, or anxious or dealing with trauma.

You shouldn’t have to worry about that breath of air when you’re in your doctor’s office.

We have plasma cell technology that was developed at MIT and NASA, prepared for a time when we might be faced with biological warfare. (OK… so I would say we’re facing the fight of our lives with this pandemic… it sure feels like that.)

It’s a plasma cell technology that not only removes but destroys viruses, bacteria, and mold from the air and the environment in a closed space. So it’s perfect for a doctor’s office. A ketamine clinic. An infusion center. Hospitals, ERs, walk-in clinics… you name it. In fact, it’s been rigorously tested in hospitals and ICUs around the world specifically against stubborn, highly-resistant infectious viruses and bacteria.

And we’ve got it here for you.

A symphony of technology, products, and procedures to clean, disinfect, sanitize and protect our air and every hard and soft surface in our office. (Yep, even the gorgeous ones.)

Lori Calabrese, MD

So let’s talk about surfaces first. The ones you touch and see. As you know, there is a difference between surface cleaning and sanitizing (removing pathogens). For instance, some surface cleaners remove 97% of all viruses and bacteria from a surface. Others remove 99%

But in a pandemic, and in a doctor’s office, you deserve not just thorough but the most thorough sanitizing available. Technology that targets and removes pathogens like viruses, bacteria and mold not JUST from the air, but from all of the hard surfaces you see and touch. The Novaerus units and Steramist service we use through VB Enviro Care obliterates and erases those microorganisms from the air — and even lifts them from those surfaces — continually and regularly.

They do MISTING regularly to sanitize our surfaces and further sanitize our air.

(Sometimes it’s called fogging or electrostatic spraying. We like “misting.”)


Our system–our symphony–destroys 99.99% viruses, bacteria, and mold from surfaces…like cabinets, counters, tables, chairs, equipment, handles, and knobs. Including coronavirus… and flu.

So we clean regularly, disinfect continuously (all day and all night) with Novaerus, and then have VB Enviro Care come in to mist with confidence and on schedule… which destroys virtually all of the organisms that can make you sick. Obliterates them. And leaves a protective barrier behind on every surface (even the soft ones).

Why Is This a Big Deal?

Because we live and work and see our doctors in enclosed spaces. We’re not talking about your back yard or the city park

In the open, air can circulate constantly and replace the air that surrounds you. That constant circulation and diffusion thins out the concentration of any micro droplets of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) — as long as people are distanced in open air areas. So coronavirus particles that waft your way are less concentrated.

Oh wait. Microdroplets. What are those? When we talk about micro droplets, we aren’t referring to big juicy drops or even little juicy drops. These are so tiny they’re suspended in the air. (That’s why they’re called aerosols.) In fact, they can remain suspended for up to 16 hours. So the more an infected person talks and exhales in the same closed space, the more concentrated those aerosolized droplets become. And the more likely to spread the virus.

Little side note here: This is also why we’ve been concerned that social distancing of 6 feet is not enough…because these particles can float 10 ft, 20 ft, even dozens of feet.

And you know those sneezes and coughs we’re all so worried about? Those emit big drops…that are heavy and fall to land. But, the tiny aerosolized ones that are simply breathed out? They’re floating all over… ready to be inhaled.

So what to do about them?

While it’s important to keep washing your hands, to clean them of big droplets and keep them away from your face, it’s just not enough. Even wearing a mask isn’t enough. All those floating contaminants hang suspended indoors, slowly diffusing. Every time someone enters or leaves a building, more of those particles enter.

Ok, so why not just boot up your laptop and order an air purifier?

Because those have filters, and even some highly sophisticated systems that use UV, ozone, or chemicals…can block and hold the pathogens that are killing us. And there they can colonize, multiply, and escape back into the atmosphere.

So think Plasma: It Destroys Infectious Organisms at the Molecular Level.

VB Enviro Care and Novaerus use plasma technology. It kills airborne pathogens at the molecular level. Plasma, known as the fourth state of matter, can create an ultra low-energy “force field”; so when bacteria, fungi, or virus particles—no matter how microscopic—move across this field, they are instantaneously destroyed at the level of their DNA. Every single one. Obliterated. 

Novaerus is used in hospitals worldwide to safely kill airborne superbugs like MRSA, C. diff, and Tuberculosis, and can lift them from hard surfaces. It has been tested and proven by more than 50 laboratories and clinical research sites, including the NASA Ames Research Centre, California. 

So, this system is designed both for rapid remediation and continuous treatment of a given space.

Our Novaerus units from VB Enviro Care perform with flying colors. They have been independently tested against MS2 Bacteriophage, a commonly used surrogate for SARS-CoV-2, and shown to reduce the virus by 99.99% in just 15 minutes.

Plus they’re gorgeous. (Always a good thing.)

A study published in June 2020, edited at Stanford University, highlighting the fact that COVID-19 is spread by sneezing or coughing has been corrected.

Listen up because this is really important.  

The truth is that just exhaling and talking release micro droplets containing the virus. So someone who has no symptoms can release infected micro droplets.

The use of masks helps to manage these micro droplets. But only partially. 

For this reason, it’s important to have the technology to destroy viruses in these infected micro droplets from the air you breathe.

We have that technology. (I’m so excited that I’m saying it again, just in case you missed it!) Novaerus units through VB Enviro Care use patented filter-free ultra-low energy plasma technology with a single speed fan. And we’ve installed one of these units in every room in our offices.

The result is that when you come in for ketamine infusions, the air you breathe is 99.99% free of coronavirus, influenza virus — and even the viruses that cause mild illnesses. It’s also free of bacteria and molds.

What else are we doing?

Locking our doors, keeping delivery folks outside, sanitizing what we bring in with ultraviolet lights. Washing our hands. Wearing masks, face shields, gloves. Cleaning with 70% alcohol throughout the day. Sanitizing each infusion room with with ultraviolet light after each infusion. Abiding by the rules, following quarantine guidelines, meticulously screening our patients and ourselves. We’re doing it all.

We have protocols for you to follow to keep yourself safe, and for the safety all of our ketamine patients (and ourselves). We’ll send these to you before you come in for the first time and go over them again on the phone. Ask us about them before you come in for a booster.

These steps — combined with the best plasma cell technology and environmental care available that destroys viruses from our rooms — help you relax…and know you’re in safe hands. And in a safe place.

So you can breathe easy.

A symphony of care. Multiple layers of attention, time, and protection. You can have confidence when you’re with us.

It’s enough that you are dealing with everything else this pandemic has caused while suffering from symptoms of treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, trauma, or suicidal thoughts.


When there is so much to deal with, so much to overcome, to hold together, at least you can come in for your appointment and relax during treatment, knowing we’ve got your back. And the air that you breathe. Covered.

We’ve talked often about how to screen a ketamine clinic. The 21st century technology that protects you when you are in that clinic is an important item to add to your list of requirements. For you, your family, and everyone you meet.

At Innovative Psychiatry, we want to help you get better. And we’re relieved to be able to offer these advances in our office environment, so you can focus on your treatment and recovery.

The medical journals these days talk about the increases in those who need psychiatric care during this pandemic — many who’ve never needed it before. Now, especially, you need to be not afraid to seek treatment for your symptoms.

You need to feel better to cope. And you need to feel safe while you receive that treatment to feel better.

So if you suffer from severe depression, bipolar depression, or PTSD that has not responded to treatment, call us. If you struggle with alcohol or other substances, call us.

IV ketamine treatment may be the treatment that will make the difference for you. Although it doesn’t work for everyone (because nothing works for everyone), it does work for most. It can deliver hope, joy, and the capacity to build a rewarding life.

Reach out and give yourself that opportunity safely.

To the restoration of your best self,

signature of Lori Calabrese, M.D.

Lori Calabrese, M.D.

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