emotional painCoping with emotional pain may leave you feeling like life is passing you by. It can be difficult to remain focused on the present while you’re dealing with emotional pain, but it’s crucial to do your best to live for each day. If you’re having trouble staying present through emotional pain, here are some tips to help.

1. Expose Your Fears

At some point, we’ve all experienced the fear of losing control. Many people feel as though they have to control their feelings and emotions during trying times, but you need to let this go. In order to fully heal from emotional pain, you need to relinquish control by exposing your fears.

2. Label Your Feelings

Recognizing and labeling your feelings is another way to stay present through emotional pain. This allows you to fully understand what you’re feeling and why you’ve having those feelings. It greatly enhances your mindfulness because you’re focusing on what you’re feeling at that exact moment.

3. Let It Out

Sometimes, you just need to sit down and have a good cry to release all the emotions you’ve been carrying. Crying is a sign of strength and not a sign of weakness so don’t be afraid to let your emotions run down your cheeks. After a good cry, you may find yourself feeling a little better and able to focus more on the present than before.

Dealing with emotional pain can be difficult but it’s important to remain focused on the present. Try your best not to let your emotional pain keep you from enjoying the little things life has to offer. To learn more about staying present through emotional pain, or to schedule an appointment, contact us at 860.648.9755.

To getting you back to your best self,
Lori Calabrese, MD

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