Remission by ketamine treatment allows these girls to play in the surf.IV Ketamine is a Most Extraordinary Medicine 

Here Are Some Ways to Hold On to Its Benefits

This ONE medicine can relieve a wide array of psychiatric disorders. Remission by ketamine treatment is at center stage of the mental health world.

The same medicine that lifts depression and restores creativity, initiative, and hope, also stops suicidal thinking in 4 hours or less and relieves social anxiety.. and, oh yes, OCD. It restores balance in bipolar disorder, and dramatically reduces cravings in substance use disorders…it helps PTSD heal and may also prevent PTSD in first responders.

Ketamine isn’t just an anesthesia medicine any more.

It’s changing lives and taking the world by storm.

It can restore your power to enjoy the beauty of a yellow warbler as it sings among the cherry blossoms. Remission by ketamine treatment empowers you to enjoy the beauty of this yellow bird in these cherry blossom branches.Remember when you felt nothing…? A void. Empty. Isolated. But remission with ketamine treatment changes everything.

You’ve never seen a medicine like this. While pharmaceutical companies are testing other forms of the ketamine molecule, or other molecules similar to ketamine, there is so much more to be learned about ketamine itself!

These other molecules don’t rival ketamine in effectiveness — well, actually, nobody’s doing head to head comparisons. 

Because ketamine itself has become the gold standard. Its broad reach and widespread actions relieve suffering in so many different disorders that for so many it has become hope in a jar.

Who could have ever dreamed the day would come when a few infusions could lift a new mother right out of postpartum depression and empower her to bond and enjoy her newborn…?  Those heartbreaking stories you hear in the news … can be averted.  

Think what ketamine could have done for Vincent Van Gogh if ketamine treatment had been available in his world. Of course, it was unheard of, but it could have saved not only his ear…but his life.

Because it’s saving lives.

Remission by Ketamine Treatment: Antidote for Psychiatric Misery

The terrible anguish that depressed persons suffer has an antidote now.  Six treatments (or a couple more) and you can live again, create again, enjoy people again, come out of the terror of darkness again.

You can feel love, hope, initiative, motivation, and creativity. In the morning, you can spring out of bed, Remission by ketamine treatment empowers you to enjoy the flavor of a fresh tomato.and sustain energy and productivity all through the day. Enjoy the taste of a flavorful tomato right off the vine. Tackle long forgotten projects again, complete them, and look at your work with deep satisfaction.

You no longer have to be trapped in a vacuum, unable to connect, lost in the shadows of your mind. You don’t have to fear your own reactions to unexpected noises, or insensitive comments someone drops in your presence.

Feel whole again, find out you can have self-control, and build a life you’re proud of. For many who suffer with depression anxiety that just won’t cut them a break, such a concept is an elusive dream.

But it’s time for us to take a step further, and learn more.

For instance, what factors influence how effective ketamine treatment is for you?

Infrastructure for Optimal Wellbeing

Without question, one factor is simply all those unknowns. Because we’re learning daily about what ketamine can do, as well as the unique genetic, environmental, and other factors that may prevent one brain from responding to ketamine when the next one responds so dramatically. There are factors we just don’t know or understand yet.

We have so much to investigate and learn.

But there are some factors we do recognize.

For instance, it appears that there are environmental factors and personal ones, too, that may determine how long a series of ketamine infusions will benefit you.

Remission is Most Enduring when Your Personal Infrastructure Is in Place

When we speak of infrastructure, we’re referring to all the things in your life that play a part in your outlook and productivity. Things like your attitude, your response to stress or conflict, your nutrition.

To get the most out of ketamine treatment, it helps to do the work to learn and practice healthier Remission by ketamine lasts longer if you do the work, practice self love, and embrace change.reactions and responses, so you don’t pull the same old problems in after you.

It helps if you’ve learned to practice self-love along with respect for others. To manage your anger, and avoid the pitfalls of co-dependency. It helps to feed your microbiome to help maintain your emotional balance.

Because even if ketamine’s wonderful repair work brings you to peace, if you haven’t done repair work in your thinking, your attitude, your outlook, your view of yourself…as well as your view of others… the destructive habits that may have crept in with the misery of your disorder in the first place will slowly tear down the work your ketamine treatment accomplished in your brain.

Not what you want.

You could, then, get a booster infusion to refresh the good repair.  

On the other hand, if you’re actively participating in therapy to help you change your attitude and outlook, as well as your responses to the things that happen in your life, you may find your outlook stabilizes after you reach remission… and lasts.

This, of course, is not to say that if remission doesn’t last, it’s your fault. It’s not. There are far too many factors involved in what you’ve experienced to blame your symptoms on any one thing, especially something within your control.

But consider this.

Choices You Make Can Strengthen Remission

If a stressful life has found you reacting and angry in response to small frustrations, or if you’ve beenRemission by ketamine treatment lifts the feeling of abandonment, isolation, despair. in a toxic relationship where you know you’re being abused and exploited, and stressors like these aren’t changed, you can see why you’d become more and more worn down and stressed…even despondent…all over again.

But let’s say you found the courage to leave that destructive relationship…or you figured out how to change the way you perceive small frustrations so you’re able to be unruffled by them (and ketamine can help you accomplish these things)…you can see how the peace and emotional health in your life would benefit.  Don’t you think..?

That’s the thing about ketamine. It can do its part to restore those brain structures that have been worn down and broken by stress, but it can’t force you to get some distance from those factors.

That’s a step you must take … and ketamine treatment can help you get there.

Hard Decisions Lead to Better Living

Here at Innovative Psychiatry we’ve seen this happen in our patients time and again. Sometimes, a patient reaches remission and has a new lease on life. But in a month or two she’s so disappointed because she thinks the ketamine treatment has “worn off.”

However, rather than the treatment wearing off, it’s far more likely that new damage is happening because of her unchanged thinking or environment. When our patient understood the impact of those things, and she entered counseling, her need for booster or refresher infusions seemed to disappear. We have seen this process in many patients.

Many patients have been able to enjoy remission for over 2 years once they learned to make healthy changes in their lives.

There really are things you can do – with ketamine’s help – to maintain the joy of remission by ketamine treatment.

Medical Skill with Ketamine Treatment Can Turn B- Results to A+ Results

Another important factor in achieving and maintaining remission seems to unmistakably be tied to the methods used in administering this medicine. The outstanding and life-saving benefits of ketamine treatment have changed the way the world views depression, social anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, OCD, substance abuse disorders, eating disorders…and suicidal thinking.

But, to get the most out of your ketamine infusion, in addition to building your infrastructure, you need to choose a psychiatrist who is most skilled in administering ketamine to your best advantage. 

We use precision infusion pumps, state-of-the-art monitoring equipment, and we’re adept at titrating dose, rate, and frequency to achieve optimal outcomes.

Our goal for you is remission of your symptoms with ketamine treatment. 

There’s no question that ketamine treatment can renew your hope if you or your loved one suffers with stubborn symptoms.

Know that you can feel better, live better, and restore what your symptoms have taken from you. You can find your real and best self, and enjoy the world you’re in.

If you suffer from symptoms that medicines and treatments haven’t helped, call us. We can help you turn your emotional and mental chaos into order through ketamine treatment. You can enjoy new hope and purpose for your life.

Lori Calabrese, MD offers innovative psychiatric treatment like IV KetamineTo the realization of your best self,

Lori Calabrese, MD

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