Ethan sat on his rock at the lake’s edge and stared across the water. He couldn’t help but wonder if it would ever be easier to get through a day.  Not really easy, per se. But what about functional? To just have stuff to do and to get it done. Routine, like other people.

Ethan was so tired. Just didn’t feel the energy to do anything…and was deeply ashamed about it. He knew people thought he was just lazy. Maybe he was. He didn’t care about changing it, and felt so defeated. (There are so many people like this…who struggle, hopeless, and don’t know about ketamine’s extraordinary antidepressant benefits. Oh to get the word out!)

Would he ever be able to actually think? He’d felt like a goober for so long. Years.  Really felt scrambled, it was so hard to read.  But he could read fine when he was a kid. What the heck??

What was it like to feel loved?  To love and feel loved? Why was he so empty…and why did love seem to be beyond his reach?

Why didn’t the antidepressants Ethan’s doctor had prescribed ever make a difference? Was medicine for this condition just worthless? Did it help anyone? Or was he just not doing his part somehow?  It seemed hopeless. And he felt worthless. What was the point anyway?

Years of this empty futility had eroded Ethan’s endurance to keep trying. He could not for the life of him find a reason to live. Or a benefit to living.

Someone tell Ethan about ketamine’s extraordinary antidepressant benefits…. and hurry.

Ketamine's extraordinary antidepressant benefits can put joy and hope back in your heart.

Is it Futile? Not With the Aid of Ketamine’s Extraordinary Antidepressant Benefits

Depression and bipolar depression. What can help you feel like living? It turns out that 30% or so of depressed patients just find no real help with traditional antidepressants like SRIs. These medicines just don’t help enough people.

When a second medicine is prescribed, if that doesn’t help either, well…we say that your case is treatment resistant. That doesn’t mean you’re treatment resistant, but that your depression medicine is failing to help you feel better and enjoy your life.

But the good news is that small doses of IV ketamine – that is, doses smaller than might be used in anesthesia – can be remarkably effective for lifting depression systems and restoring your joy, your creative energy, and your hope.

In fact, IV ketamine treatment can provide rapid and extraordinary relief of symptoms. And researchers have been trying to understand the WHY and the HOW of the underlying mechanism for years.

While there are some actions that have emerged to illuminate this process, more information is coming available. We’ve talked of the lateral habenula and the synapses in the brain many times.

New Research Unlocks a Ketamine Secret

Ketamine’s extraordinary antidepressant benefits are the talk of the decade. But ketamine’s secrets have only slowly been coming to light.

And just last month, research was published in Nature Research that shows that the ketamine  and the ketamine metabolite hydroxynorketamine provide their antidepressant effects when mTORC1kinase is activated in the cell. 

This research shows one of the things mTORC1 does is to turn on mRNA which initiates special binding proteins 4E-BP1 and 4E-BP2. 

Actually, these binding proteins get lots of the credit for ketamine’s antidepressant benefits…as well as that hippocampal synaptic plasticity that promotes so much healing.

Remember that mRNA also turns on DNA to turbo boost brain-derived-neurotrophic-factor proliferating a dense growth of synapses.

It turns out that these same binding proteins are necessary for ketamine’s benefits in the lateral habenula as well. You may remember also how ketamine moves those G-proteins off the lipid rafts to get signals moving fast!

Ketamine is a powerful medicine. We don’t know why it isn’t effective for 100% of people who need it, or 100% of people who suffer from depression, bipolar depression, PTSD, and other conditions. We’re still researching and learning.

But we do know that IV ketamine treatment in the form of serial expertly titrated infusions is effective for more treatment resistant depressed people than any other medicine currently known. 

And the odds are excellent that it will help you achieve remission.

Ketamine's extraordinary antidepressant benefits give you a spring in your step like this guy as he strolls and whistles.

Imagine having a heart full of joy and courage, along with the determination to build a fulfilling life, and the initiative to develop healthy rewarding relationships.  

Just imagine.

Imagine really caring. About anything…about everything that matters. 

Imagine hope.

Ketamine’s Secret Unlocks Joy and Hope

At Innovative Psychiatry, we cultivate hope… and joy… through expertise in titration, dose, and frequency of life-changing ketamine infusions. We have world class expertise in helping people get better.

We also have a safe environment in the presence of COVID-19 pandemic. 

Talk about world-class. We have transformed our offices into a coronavirus killing machine.  Units in each room that destroy and remove the virus…in fact all viruses….from the air, and a spectacular spray/fog that destroys all viruses – including COVID-19 – from all surfaces. 99.9999% is ALL.  

You’re safe here. To be treated, restored, and empowered to live the life you want to work for. Your life. Your dream.

If you have labored and struggled under the burden of treatment resistant depression, bipolar depression, PTSD, substance use disorders, and suicidal thinking, call us.

And if you feel unsure, read the posts linked through this one. There is so much information, and hope.

We’re here to listen, and to help.

You’re the reason we do what we do. So call us.

To the restoration of your best self,

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Lori Calabrese, M.D.

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