Building infrastructure: love heals and kindness matters.

Live your life in a way that creates inspiration – and leave a legacy of restoration in your wake.

We’ve been talking about how ketamine treatment can help you reach remission, and how your frame of mind, attitude, and the way you react to frustration and hurt can either support your new-found remission, or sabotage it. Remission gives you the opportunity to build change in yourself, to build stronger relationships, and to reduce strain. As you build upon the principles we’ve already talked about, you might consider adding this key secret to your edifice of peaceful strength: When you’re building your infrastructure, love heals and kindness matters.

And learning how to apply these powerful elements to your life will not only help you heal and help you love yourself, but it will help you leave a legacy of hope for others and make a real difference in the world, too.

Some of these changes in attitude and reactions are ways to lower your own inner stress and make your own peace.

We’re talking about your recovery after you’ve received your ketamine treatment. And… We’re talking about building the infrastructure in your mind and life that will enhance your peace and support your new remission.

Which brings up another point. If you have not had ketamine treatment, or if you’re deep in the throes of depression, fatigue, despair, and anxiety, please don’t think that our statements about love and its healing dismiss your suffering. We know suffering. And we don’t judge.

Illness is illness. And you need effective treatment. We’ve said this before … that no matter how much treatment you’ve received, if you don’t feel better it’s the same as if you were untreated. And you need to keep seeking solutions.

So, if you’re not receiving effective treatment, getting it is the first step. That’s where improvement begins and how remission gets a jump-start.

There are novel and advanced options that can help you really begin to recover from this illness. Ketamine treatment, transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), and other treatments here and in the pipeline. Don’t expect so much from yourself that an article like this one seems insurmountable and overwhelming to you.

Give yourself a break…ok? And focus on getting well with one of the advanced treatments available like a ketamine infusion series.

We want to help you get better. Until then, your wellbeing remains the goal.

But after you’ve received effective treatment, and you’re experiencing joy and motivation…even hope (I know, right?)… for the first time in years, then your next step is to intentionally work to build your personal infrastructure. That underpinning that helps your life move forward smoothly and with peace.

And if you’ve achieved remission, and want to do the work to build that framework of peace and calm, love and kindness… then follow the advice in the last four of our most recent blog articles to get you started. We’re on a roll to help you.

Because you likely were not building warmth and love while you were ill. It takes a lot of energy to do that, and you may not have had the energy to give to others while you were suffering yourself. In fact, you may have been withdrawn and a bit irritable. Why? Because you felt so crummy.

Depression and anxiety can lead to a short temper, impatience, intolerance, and harshness. However, when you use the neuroplasticity ketamine gives to work with your therapist… and look at yourself to make the changes you want to make, you can generate a serene outlook and reverse the tension we all tend to create by hiding conflicts from ourselves and others.

Everybody needs a group of trusted friends.

Building infrastructure: love heals and kindness matters for living in peace after ketamine treatment.

Everyone needs a hearth, a home, some sort of sanctuary where you can trust the people there to love you as you are and inspire you to live as your best self. Where you know you’re loved, and where your love is received and appreciated.  Where you can trust the truthful feedback and use it to grow. Home is supposed to be like this…  but too often, it’s not. 

Don’t worry if you don’t have family and friends like this now. You may be amazed how your world changes as you change. Be a friend to those who are in your life, and you may be amazed at the deeply caring, valuable friends who are drawn to you. The kind you can trust with your deepest secret who will listen and support you no matter what onslaughts may come your way.

Building Infrastructure? Love Heals… and Kindness Matters, too

For you, it might be one or two friends who know you well. And love you. And know your fallibility as well as their own. People who are exquisitely grateful for the friendship the three of you share, and treat it with reverence and respect.

Building infrastructure: love heals and kindness matters.

Friends like these can help you heal, help you let go, lovingly hold you accountable to persistence in your walk of better living… spirit, soul, and body.

And you’ll help them heal, hold them accountable, and keep them wrapped in love, too.

The fact is it’s hard to heal without love. Whether the love you receive is face-to-face with family or friend, on a commuter train, at the checkout when you buy groceries… at church, or with co-workers… even on facebook….

But here’s what’s important. Not only do you need to be wrapped in an atmosphere of love, so does everyone else. And especially those who’ve been shattered, abused, wounded, and damaged.  Those who feel lost and broken.

As you experience the relief ketamine treatment provides, you’ll have the opportunity to find ways to give back. Just as you’ve been loved, supported, and helped, you can offer love, support, and help to others who are not as whole as you are yet.

Building infrastructure: love heals and kindness matters for creating peace.

You can be the one to listen, to embrace, to help find solutions; to work to get the solutions to more of those who need them. 

And when you do, don’t be surprised when love for those who are suffering swells in you. Because love is not only the most powerful force in the universe, it’s a communicable force. You can catch it, and others can catch it from you. Every time you give it away, more of it explodes inside you. And around you.

Becca Stevens was a child who was forced into sexual abuse at the age of 5, after the death of her father. With her family in crisis over his death, her mom desperately lonely, an unseemly man came into Becca’s young life. He continued using her, abusing her, for four years. She hated it, but didn’t know what to say or who to talk to. She was overwhelmed. And she endured. She was a young child.

After she grew up, she studied for the Episcopal priesthood at Vanderbilt Divinity School. Once she became a priest, she sought to help other women who have been used, abused, and damaged by others. This ministry came to be known as Thistle Farms.

Fast forward twenty years to now, and there are Thistle Farms outposts in five countries and across the US. It consists of women who have been damaged, abused, mistreated, and addicted, who need a safe place to heal, grow, and rebuild their lives.

Since many have been convicted of felonies, Thistle Farms also markets handmade bath and body products, as well as candles, that they sell through 500 stores. These products help these women to get on their feet, pay off debt, buy a car or a home, and find purpose in their lives. 

There are no authority figures in these homes. Only the women themselves who recover and grow, then mentor those who come behind them.

Becca’s story is an example of healing, recovering, then finding purpose in giving back. 

And you can, too.

In partnership with the loving and healing is the kindness that automatically takes root in your life. As you feel more whole, and experience the almost miraculous remission and recovery that follows, plus the hope and energy to live again, you will have experience and love to give to others who need it like you once did. 

Kindness Matters

Letting go of the sick and broken self, and embracing your more whole self, will likely give you the energy to be patient. To love and help restore the next person you meet. And as you do that…putting their need over and above your convenience… a seed of love sprouts inside you. Each time you give, it grows bigger and fuller. As you fill with love, you have more love to give, and the more you give the more patient and kind you can be. 

Building infrastructure: love heals and kindness matters.
And in generously giving away patience, kindness, support, and help, you find you like who you’re becoming. That impatient hurting person who snapped heads off before is now kinder, warmer, and more understanding.

Does this nurture your remission? Absolutely!  Will it positively prevent relapse?  Nothing can do that at this point. But your chances of maintaining your remission go much higher when you let go of stress and replace it with love and kindness.

And guess what?  Other things that are driven by stress like high blood pressure, asthma, heart disease… well, reducing your stress radically may reduce your symptoms of these other conditions, too.

So ask yourself… when you go to the grocery store, does the clerk’s kindness matter to you ?  If you’re anything like me, it matters a lot. So would you guess that your kindness matters to her, too?  Of course it does.

Love Heals and Kindness Matters… So Don’t Give Up

Apply both in your life and to the lives of those you care about – as well as those who cross your path. Just as others may have been harsh with you when you were so ill for so long, so now those you meet may be ill, too. You have the power to make their day a bit better now.

A friend of mine used to say that she dumped darkness on anyone in her path during her 8 year depression. Since her ketamine treatment she now says it’s her turn to spread light on everyone she meets. And she can smile from ear to ear! How dazzling to see her face light up!

You never know what someone has been through right before you make contact with them. So treat everyone with kindness to make their day easier, and to make you stronger. 

And like Becca Stevens, the day just may come when you find yourself the leader in bringing joy and love into the lives of others in your world. And you may help them change their world, too.

Maybe You Haven’t Received Ketamine Treatment Yet…

If you’re thinking you might be interested in ketamine treatment, and that you’d like the chance to experience remission and recovery… it probably means you’ve endured many trials with medicines that didn’t help.

We know how hard that is… to keep swallowing pills day after day for weeks or months without getting any benefits at all. In doing so you’ve certainly shown your determination. You need your hope to be rewarded.

We’d like to help with that.

Building infrastructure: love heals and kindness matters to create peace within.

We see people walk out of our office every week after ketamine treatment. We see them rejuvenated, hopeful, and relieved. Read the other blog articles linked here to help you understand more about how this treatment works, then call us.

Ketamine doesn’t make everyone well, but it’s extraordinary in its effects in most cases.  Find out how you can enjoy life in wonderful ways you may have forgotten about.

To the rebuilding of your best self, 

Lori Calabrese, MD offers innovative psychiatric treatment like IV Ketamine
Lori Calabrese, M.D.

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