Zero Anxiety

Litchfield County, CT
February 10, 2018
Zero Anxiety

I am very happy and thankful to Dr. Calabrese and IV Ketamine Therapy. I was nervous and anxious at the beginning – I questioned whether or not it was working and it was hard for me to tell if these treatments were making a difference. I am so glad that I stuck with it. I first noticed a difference in my mood after I had an injury and was laid up for a little while. I’m thrilled to say that I’m progressing beautifully. Before Ketamine I would have felt sorry for myself, but this time I didn’t. I shrugged it off and dealt with it. I noticed again more recently while on vacation with my husband that I finally felt at peace. I look forward to each and every day with zero anxiety! It was like a jigsaw puzzle – everything just fit into place. Thank-you for all you’ve done for me. You have made a difference in my life!

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