Life Changing

Columbia, CT
February 3, 2018
Life Changing

I have been working with Dr. Calabrese for over ten years now, and she has definitely changed my life. As someone living with Bipolar Disorder, my life was anything but stable. With Dr. Calabrese’s help, I have learned how to manage my illness through a variety of means. Her demeanor is amazing, and her vested interest in me not only as a patient, but as a person as well, makes all the difference in the world. She is kind, she is empathetic, and she is beyond knowledgeable about various medications and treatments. But perhaps the thing about which I am most appreciative is the fact that Dr. Calabrese has -on multiple occasions- gone above and beyond to help me. Most recently, I had an issue with a prescription (specifically, with a pharmacy filling it) on a Saturday night. I contacted her and within an hour, she had taken steps to address -and fix – the issue. Dr. Calabrese is amazing. I am forever grateful for her, and appreciate all that she has done for me.

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