A God-honest medical miracle of the 21st Century

September 23, 2019
A God-honest medical miracle of the 21st Century

For over a decade, I have struggled with treatment-resistant depression, along with multiple related co-morbidities: ADHD, Autism Spectrum, anxiety disorder, chronic passive suicidal ideation, the works. I spent many years on mindfulness training, EMDR therapy, talk therapy, meditation, anti-depressants. I would have brief moments of relief, but as time went on, nothing would “stick”. In my brain, I knew what I needed to know in order to get better and be better. It simply felt like something was physically “stuck” in my brain, and it was preventing me from moving forward. I was frustrated to the point of having largely abandoned talk therapy, and fearfully wondering how I was going to keep going.

Low-dose ketamine infusion therapy has literally saved my life. I suspect I am particularly receptive to it, but I got 95% of what I needed to break through my depression in a lasting and meaningful way after the first treatment. By the third I knew that I was good, and would be good for a long while. If I need to come back every year for a maintenance session, then that is a small price, gladly paid!

I can’t adequately put into words the incredible power of this particular therapy – this isn’t something for absolutely everyone, but I do honestly believe there are a great many people who will derive absolute and lasting relief and benefit from it. For years, I told my talk therapist that I was desperately searching for a “silver bullet” that would let everything else I was doing finally “work”, and This. Is. It. It felt like that better, calmer, happier me was hiding behind a webwork of damaged neurons, and as soon as that was resolved, the better person sprang forth quickly.

This isn’t just some slapdash treatment. The staff impressed me as well-qualified, with tremendous attention to detail. My vitals were closely monitored, and I always had the power to end the experience if I somehow found it too overwhelming. Again, this is a medical breakthrough that, at least for me, absolutely did everything I hoped for, and more.

I recommend this wholeheartedly!

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