We offer more than just medicine. We’ve offered that for years — and we love every aspect of psychopharmacology and what medication can do to relieve suffering.

It’s just that there are now so many more targeted treatments that actually stimulate brain functioning, promote neuronal rearborization, and enhance the firing of neural networks in the brain that they have revolutionized our field, and changed the face of psychiatry itself.

We’ve always been on the front lines of innovation and of best practice, and we’re delighted that we were the first in Connecticut — and in a 4-state area — to expand our psychiatry practice to offer you both IV Ketamine and TMS, two innovative and state-of-the-art treatments for depression and other mood and anxiety disorders.

And we offer them during extended hours, when they won’t interfere with work or school.

We’ve figured it out. So that you don’t have to.

Consults for IV Ketamine Therapy and IV Ketamine Infusions

We’ll meet with you to determine if you are a candidate for IV Ketamine Infusions and we will collaborate with your current psychiatric clinicians — your therapist, psychiatrist, APRN, PCP — so that they follow you and remain your primary treatment team for ongoing care during and after your ketamine treatment with us. You may also refer yourself or a family member if you are not currently in treatment, and we can help determine if IV ketamine would be appropriate for you, and coordinate this with your PCP so that you have appropriate follow-up care.

We offer an initial treatment series of IV Ketamine Infusions as well as follow-up maintenance and booster IV ketamine infusions tailored to your needs, and we coordinate this with everyone involved. You can schedule a daytime or evening appointment, on your schedule, so that it’s easy for you to have someone drive you home.  We make it easy for you to get well.

Consults for TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) and TMS in our Office — Not in a Hospital

We’ll meet with you for a consultation appointment to determine if this is an appropriate treatment for you.

We offer TMS treatments in our office as early as 6 a.m., without the hassles of traffic, parking fees, and lost time.

We collaborate with your current psychiatric clinicians, and offer you hope and the possibility that you might be able to reduce some of the medications you’re taking in the future. You may also refer yourself or a family member for TMS if you are not currently in treatment.


We’re not accepting new patients for psychopharmacology — that arm of our practice is full.

For our established patients, we offer the best psychopharmacology available, as well as telepsychiatry appointments by phone or video so that you don’t have to leave work or leave campus.  We make it easy for you to stay well.