Psychiatric Practice Provides Expert Diagnostics and Treatment for Psychiatric Disorders with Ketamine Treatment near Middletown, CT

How do you help someone you love? How do you find the relief they need?  If the problem is their heart or their bladder, your family doctor can often provide referrals for a specialist. That referral may be a great choice. Or it may not be such a good fit. And what if their problem is severe depression, PTSD, panic attacks, or threats of suicide?  It can be even harder to find someone who can help. But if you live in Hartford County, CT, and are looking for ketamine treatment near Middletown, CT, your best choice just may be Lori Calabrese, M.D. Keep reading to learn why.

But first, what’s the buzz about ketamine treatment, anyway?

The Amazing Actions of Ketamine in the Brain

Ketamine treatment’s action on the delicate systems in the brain either enhances or overwhelms  those systems. So that needs to be managed by optimizing the treatment dose and rate. And once the brain systems reach a certain point during the infusion, your doctor must prolong that state and sustain it at least 20 minutes… to achieve the optimum outcome. That’s hard to do without an infusion pump that can maintain a constant rate and dosage.

For this and other reasons, physicians who provide this potentially extraordinary treatment without the expertise that produces optimum results… well, they can send home disappointed patients.

Here are some of the things ketamine treatment does when administered properly:

Altogether these actions restore a sense of balance and wellbeing in the brain. They bring you to a much more productive and healthy mental and emotional state.

Even though there are lots of psychiatrists in Connecticut, not all…or even most… have the training and expertise for administering ketamine treatment to achieve the best results for you.

Quite often, anesthesiologists, emergency room doctors, and even nurses operate “ketamine clinics” rather than psychiatrists. Non-psychiatrists provide ketamine much as they would provide an anesthesia, antibiotic, or pain remedy. Dose administered. Job done. Completely outside of a comprehensive psychiatric practice.

You’d probably like to get the most improvement you can out of the investment you make when you reach out for ketamine treatment. 

Because, after all, this isn’t a vacation or night on the town we’re talking about…this is your life, your wellbeing, your ability to function. You need to get the best possible results.

So, let’s talk about how doctors administer ketamine.

Ketamine: Best Route of Administration 

Currently, ketamine can be administered via intramuscular injection, subcutaneous injection, intranasal spray, or IV. In fact, it’s even possible to swallow it, but the trip through the GI system could make it very difficult for you to receive much benefit.

Of these routes of administration, only the intravenous route takes ketamine straight into the blood stream so your brain receives the full dose.

When we administer ketamine, we should use a precise infusion pump that allows us to measure changes in the dose by .001 ml. This kind of measured precision yields tight control over the dose delivered at any given point during the infusion.

Then, we closely watch the rate. By using an infusion pump, we can increase or decrease the rate of infusion to achieve the precise and most advantageous infusion experience.

Then, we can best titrate the dose and rate of the infusion… and optimize your outcome. We determine the number of infusions needed to achieve the most lasting remission.

In many ketamine clinics, they inject ketamine into a bag of IV fluid and hang it from a hook until it drains out. This haphazard approach leads to delivery of too much medicine too fast for the patient, or not enough over too long a period to yield the best outcome.

Ketamine is unique in its action and should be delivered at the specific dose and rate that a given patient needs.This differs from vaccines or penicillin. In the cases of antibiotics and vaccinations, the goal is to inject a regulated dose into your body, period, and just get it in. But each ketamine patient deserves the greatest possible opportunity to achieve remission from this treatment.

To Get the Best of All Ketamine’s Restorative Actions

Decide to find the best restoration and recovery ketamine treatment can provide.

Rely on one of the very best psychiatrists who knows how to stretch every drop of benefit out of each of your ketamine infusions.

Seek out the doctor other doctors rely on for their own psychiatric treatment, and that of their families. The one who has mentored countless psychiatrists in a four-state area.

Trust the psychiatrist who can take you past “feeling better.” The one who will cheer with you when you jump and shout, “I feel well!”

Plan on getting better, feeling whole and balanced. Plan to resume and rebuild your career vector, your relationships, and your most important and enjoyable interests.

Ketamine Treatment near Middletown, CT Provided with Exceptional Expertise

Lori Calabrese, M.D. has honed her insight, skill, and experience base through treating the most difficult-to-treat patients. As a result, she’s helping people find restored lives. Her deep experience in titrating dose, rate, and frequency of ketamine infusions has yielded heretofore unheard-of results in her patients.

She’s been developing her success by thinking outside the box all the years she’s been in medicine. That underlying skill serves her as she treats adults and adolescents with the most severe and treatment-resistant depression. Not to mention panic disorder, social anxiety, eating disorders, bipolar disorder, PTSD, OCD, substance use disorders, and suicidal thinking.

And most of these patients achieve remission. Of those who don’t, many achieve remission in a few months as a delayed response.

Ketamine doesn’t make every single patient better, but in your case, it probably will. The odds are stacked heavily in your favor.

Middletown, CT has so much to offer that supports a fulfilling and happy life. You may find it impossible to spend a day biking through Wadsworth Falls State Park. Difficult to choose a cupcake at NoRA’s. And a family event at Brownstone Exploration and Discovery Park may seem insurmountable… if you’re subdued by psychiatric symptoms. But with expert ketamine treatment, the world opens to you… and your family will be thrilled when you share these fun times with them.

If you want to see if ketamine treatment near Middletown, CT can help you, you should do that for yourself and your family.

For more information about Lori Calabrese, M.D. at Innovative Psychiatry in South Windsor, CT call or email Dr. Calabrese.