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New lease on life

My experience with Dr. Calabrese has been two fold I suffer from Chronic PTSD, Bipolar II, and anxiety, In addition to chronic migraines that would give me endless pain up to 30 days a month. After ketamine I was able to avoid making a choice that would have ended my life. Dr. Calabrese worked with my providers to address my migraines and psychiatric needs taking the time to try new treatment paths my current providers had not thought of. Having been through botox and every number of treatments I can say ketamine and Dr. Calabrese have given me a pathway to a better life. 1 migraine a week is a whole new world compared to 7. I am very grateful and look forward to working with Dr. Calabrese to continue to regain control over my life.

JL Everyone's different and your results may vary. Manchester December 2, 2020

Getting my life back

I was going through anguish everyday and tried many different things. Many drug cocktails, different types of therapies, residential areas and hospital stays. After using Ketamine I am able to do things in my life that I haven't been able to do since I was 20. I feel like I am 20 again too. It's as if a cloud lifts from your head and what were once large mountains are now small obstacles. I would recommend anyone try this if they have been going through medications and are still depressed. You don't have to live like that anymore.

Joe Everyone's different and your results may vary. Farmington October 13, 2020

Miraculous Recovery

I came to Dr. Calabrese completely out of options. I had spent 22 years in therapy, 15 years trying over 50 different prescription medications, and over 5 years of exhausting every non-pharmaceutical suggestion I could find. The first time I thought about killing myself I was 7 years old. It wasn’t a suicidal thought, but an intrusive one- a symptom of my undiagnosed OCD. I have never known what it feels like to truly want to live, though it was many years later before I actually started “wanting” to die. My entire childhood was consumed by irrational fears and the overwhelming belief that I could somehow, single-handedly prevent these fears from coming true if I behaved in a specific and impossible way. This led to severe depression before I was even old enough to drive a car. By the time I was 21 I was heavily self medicating with drugs Continue Reading

XX Disclaimer: Everyone's different and your results may vary. September 24, 2020

After all 6 infusions

This is a miracle! After my first infusion I lost all feelings of hopelessness. The next morning, I woke up feeling happy. I haven't had that feeling in as long as I can remember. After the first three infusions, I got super sick. By the third one I was throwing up from right after the appointment and all night. I was still throwing up the next day. This appointment was on a Friday, I was sick all Friday and Saturday. By Sunday I felt fine! My next infusion was Monday, I was so nervous that I was going to get sick... I did NOT! After the last three infusions I did not get sick at all and just kept feeling better. Once the sickness passes, you don't even think about it, or hardly even remember it. Getting sick is worth going though. I would do it again if I had Continue Reading

Mariah Disclaimer: Everyone's different and your results may vary. Westfield June 2, 2020

“After the first treatment I felt that all the negativity I harbored was gone!”

Dr. Calabrese agreed I was a candidate for iv ketamine infusion. I have been depressed for as long as I can remember. It wasn’t until 1999 that I started treatment for depression. I started with ECT treatments. That seemed to help and I started a regimen of antidepressants.The meds helped but after a while they stopped working.So I moved on to other antidepressants with the help of doctors. I had five different doctors until I came to Dr. Calabrese. During one of my hospitalizations, I had the good fortune of being accepted in a clinical trial at the UCONN Health Center. This program was implanting patients with a Vegas Nerve Stimulator (VNS). The VNS took about a year to kick in. I was amazed at how good I felt once it started working. I stayed on psych meds along with the VNS therapy. And as happened before the meds stopped Continue Reading

Mark S. Disclaimer: Everyone's different and your results may vary. Hartford, CT May 21, 2020


Thank you, Dr. Calabrese Ash's ED voice is GONE! After 2nd Ketamine, Ash said, "it's like the Voice that was in my head demanding that I do what it says, just disappeared" Dr. Calabrese was compassionate, warm and an excellent teacher. I understood everything and am so glad we came to her clinic. I am 15 years of age, and ED had made me miss 1/2 year of school. But, now I'm back to being me! And, it's Awesome. Thank you!!

Ash Disclaimer: Everyone's different and your results may vary. Tiffin May 9, 2020

A God-honest medical miracle of the 21st Century

For over a decade, I have struggled with treatment-resistant depression, along with multiple related co-morbidities: ADHD, Autism Spectrum, anxiety disorder, chronic passive suicidal ideation, the works. I spent many years on mindfulness training, EMDR therapy, talk therapy, meditation, anti-depressants. I would have brief moments of relief, but as time went on, nothing would "stick". In my brain, I knew what I needed to know in order to get better and be better. It simply felt like something was physically "stuck" in my brain, and it was preventing me from moving forward. I was frustrated to the point of having largely abandoned talk therapy, and fearfully wondering how I was going to keep going. Low-dose ketamine infusion therapy has literally saved my life. I suspect I am particularly receptive to it, but I got 95% of what I needed to break through my depression in a lasting and meaningful way after Continue Reading

BM Easthampton, MA September 23, 2019


I would follow Dr.Calabrese over a cliff. She has been with me every step of my journey. When I first came to her I had been hospitalized twice, bounced around from doctor to doctor, and had been unable to get out of bed for months. I had long given up hope on ever having a happy life, it was unclear if I would be able to graduate after being the head of my class three years running, I couldn't be trusted to be left alone, and I was unrecognizable to my friends and family, let alone myself. I told her how tired I was of fighting the seemingly un winnable fight to keep going. I put the little faith I had into Dr.C. Almost two years later I am a professional working actor living in NYC completely financially independent. I have amazing friends, I am connected with my family, and Continue Reading

B.R. Disclaimer: Everyone's different and your results may vary. Brooklyn, New York November 11, 2018

One person can change your life.

Dr. Calabrese has changed my life. I have suffered with bipolar depression and crippling anxiety for much of my 53 years. I have completed the round of six IV ketamine treatments and I have NO anxiety or depression. I am smiling and actually happy!! Dr. Calabrese's pharmacological skill level is superior. She is compassionate, empathetic, kind and caring. I can not say enough good things about her. Dr. Calabrese has indeed forever changed my life. I never knew what happiness felt like. I do now.

Mara Disclaimer: Everyone's different and your results may vary. Coventry August 7, 2018

Whole family

The entire office staff is Patient, compassionate and genuine. After 3 ketamine infusions my husband, who had been suffering from debilitating depression that didn’t respond to meds, psychotherapy, ECT or anything else for 10 years answered the the standard depression scale answers for the first time with NOs or less than daily. To be able to read those responses not only made me feel relief for him but for our friends and family too. It is unfortunate that many others may not experience the same relief without the financial means to support this therapy in the absence of insurance coverage.

Melissa G Disclaimer: Everyone's different and your results may vary. Stafford June 20, 2018

The Difference Betweening Being Alive and Living …

Normally, I write as a psychiatrist, but today, I write as a patient. I had not heard of Dr. Calabrese when I went to see her. I have struggled with anxiety and depression for at least 30 years. I have tried over 20 medications and ECT. I was at the end of my rope and had been unable to work for the 2 months prior to seeing her. I had lost most hope. She was kind and encouraging, and I felt instantly at ease. She was able to start a ketamine treatment that day. ECT helped me to stay alive. Ketamine and Dr. Calabrese helped me to want to live again.

LBT Disclaimer: Everyone's different and your results may vary. Guilford, VT February 23, 2018

Zero Anxiety

I am very happy and thankful to Dr. Calabrese and IV Ketamine Therapy. I was nervous and anxious at the beginning - I questioned whether or not it was working and it was hard for me to tell if these treatments were making a difference. I am so glad that I stuck with it. I first noticed a difference in my mood after I had an injury and was laid up for a little while. I'm thrilled to say that I'm progressing beautifully. Before Ketamine I would have felt sorry for myself, but this time I didn't. I shrugged it off and dealt with it. I noticed again more recently while on vacation with my husband that I finally felt at peace. I look forward to each and every day with zero anxiety! It was like a jigsaw puzzle - everything just fit into place. Thank-you for all you've done Continue Reading

H Litchfield County, CT Disclaimer: Everyone's different and your results may vary. February 10, 2018

Life Changing

I have been working with Dr. Calabrese for over ten years now, and she has definitely changed my life. As someone living with Bipolar Disorder, my life was anything but stable. With Dr. Calabrese's help, I have learned how to manage my illness through a variety of means. Her demeanor is amazing, and her vested interest in me not only as a patient, but as a person as well, makes all the difference in the world. She is kind, she is empathetic, and she is beyond knowledgeable about various medications and treatments. But perhaps the thing about which I am most appreciative is the fact that Dr. Calabrese has -on multiple occasions- gone above and beyond to help me. Most recently, I had an issue with a prescription (specifically, with a pharmacy filling it) on a Saturday night. I contacted her and within an hour, she had taken steps to Continue Reading

JLH Columbia, CT Disclaimer: Everyone’s different and your results may vary. February 3, 2018

Now, I’m One of the ‘Norms’

Following my first infusion, the immediate change that was apparent was the quiet in my mind. It was as if there was a welcome void which was once filled with chaos and upheaval. Before I would feel a constant sensory barrage; post infusion, it was as if the tactile electricity was shut off. I experience daily life now as I always imagined it should be. Now, I'm one of the 'norms', or at least what I always imagined being a 'norm' would feel like. My anxiety is gone. Gone! I have been able to deal with stressors with ease. Even in extreme situations where once I would have broken down, I'm able to stand and deal with life. It has been a fundamentally life altering change, one I never thought I would ever experience. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

AD Cambridge, MA Disclaimer: Everyone’s different and your results may vary. October 27, 2017

Well Enough to Attend College

I am so lucky to have met and been treated by Dr. Calabrese and her staff. I suffered from anxiety for years and began to get depressed. I was so nervous about my treatment and I was also scared to death of medication. I finally agreed after 10 years to try something. For the first time in years I am going to sleep at a normal hour and waking up at a normal hour. I am going to be well enough to attend college again next year after taking some time off and the summer to get well. I am so grateful and appreciative of the expertise, kindness, and patience Dr. Calabrese and the nurses had in explaining everything and helping me through this really hard time. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone suffering! Thank You so much!!

CD Watertown, CT Disclaimer: Everyone’s different and your results may vary. September 3, 2017

The doctor’s “doctor”

I have had depression for over fifty years. Dr. Calabrese is by the far, the brightest and best psychiatrist I have ever come across. She not only knows exactly which medications to start patients on - she also knows which therapists are suited for different types of issues and problems and who to refer to to for therapy. She is kind, compassionate and spends time actually listening to patients. She knows how to manage the various side effects of the medications. My husband and I both practice in the same medical community as Dr. Calabrese and she is the doctor's "doctor". Every physician in this area knows who to go to for their own personal care. You may have to wait a bit in the waiting room - but she is always worth the wait!

DS South Windsor Disclaimer: Everyone’s different and your results may vary. April 22, 2017

Bipolar disorder

It took Dr Calabrese and I five years to control my bipolar disorder. I wish Ketamine was available back then. Even so Dr Calabrese and I never gave up and today I live a happy life.

Lane Albanese Rocky Hill Disclaimer: Everyone’s different and your results may vary. February 25, 2017


Wonderful. Dr. Calabrese has been an influential role model for me and without her I'm not sure where I'd be. She has helped me obtain the desires I've had like being a mom. She's always supportive and helps me through the challenges and struggles I face. I'm grateful beyond words for her and her practice. Thank you from the depths of my heart.

Erin C. Windsor Disclaimer: Everyone’s different and your results may vary. February 10, 2017

Grateful beyond words

I just wanted to thank you for all you do to keep me healthy - Through the years, I have had so many ups and downs and you always find just the right thing to do to get me to a better place. I am grateful beyond words for all you do for me...You are such an amazing, caring, one-in-a-million doc and I am truly blessed that you care for me as you do. Thank you!

D.S. Coventry Disclaimer: Everyone’s different and your results may vary. October 6, 2016

Life Changing

I had been suffering with debilitating depression for over 25 years. I have been in the hospital over 20 times just in the last few years. Nothing worked. After coming to see Dr. Calabrese, my life changed. She gave me ketamine treatments, recommended a diet change and put me on a medication that no one had tried before. Within a few weeks the depression was gone! Now I'm free to live my life! Karen the RN for the ketamine treatments was so great. She made me feel so comfortable and really cares about people. Dr. Calabrese is brilliant and takes the time to explain everything. Thank you so much!!!

Jessi K East Hartford Disclaimer: Everyone’s different and your results may vary. August 15, 2016

Ketamine Treatment

Every day felt like an insurmountable challenge that I didn't have the will power to put up with. I was unbelievably lucky that this (treatment) option presented itself when it did or I don't know that I would still be here. The Ketamine infusions, within a matter of two days, had drastically improved my mood and suicidal ideation. I finally felt that there was hope! I started to find my life improving in ways I had never imagined possible. After all of the alternatives failing I could not believe that a treatment could have such beneficial results within a remarkably short time.

A.S. South Windsor Disclaimer: Everyone’s different and your results may vary. July 29, 2016