Lori Calabrese, MD is a psychiatrist who specializes in comprehensive and state-of-the-art psychiatric evaluation and innovative psychiatric treatment of adults and adolescents in South Windsor, CT, just minutes from Hartford.

Watch Lori Calabrese’s Incredible Journey with Treating Patients with IV Ketamine Treatment:

A Leader Among Her Peers

With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Calabrese is a graduate of The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and completed her residency training at Massachusetts General Hospital. She has served as a clinical faculty member at both Harvard Medical School and Yale School of Medicine and is often thought of as “a doctor’s doctor,” as so many physicians and their families rely on her expertise, treatment, and referrals.

Innovative Psychiatry

Dr. Calabrese is a specialist among her peers in psychopharmacology and interventional psychiatry, and incorporates the newest scientific information regarding brain health, genetic testing, inflammation and the brain-gut microbiome connection into the care of her patients.

Pioneer in Psychiatric Treatment

She was the first psychiatrist in Connecticut to expand her psychopharmacology practice to provide the most comprehensive array of treatment options available, and to offer both cutting-edge IV Ketamine infusions and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) as consultation and treatment services for patients whose symptoms have not responded to other treatment. IV ketamine treatment is offered during the day and with extended hours so that you don’t have to interrupt work or school to get well.

Dr. Calabrese has been invited to present the results of her clinical work using ketamine infusions in her day-to-day practice at several national and international conferences, including the International Association for Suicide Research and the American Suicide Foundation International Research Summit on Suicide.

Academic Presentations on Ketamine

Ketamine and Related Compounds for Psychiatric Disorders, Oxford UK, March, 2018. Ketamine Lyses Suicidal Ideation in Outpatient Clinical Practice and Offers an Alternative to Hospitalization (Poster)

KRIYA Conference 2018, San Francisco, CA, November, 2018. Using IV Ketamine in a Psychiatry Private Practice to Treat Suicidal Patients and Avoid Hospitalization (Oral Presentation)

6th World Congress on Mental Health, Psychiatry, and Wellbeing, New York, USA, March 2019. Using IV Ketamine in a Real-World Psychiatry Practice to Stop Suicidal Ideation and Avoid Hospitalization (Oral Presentation)

American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting 2019: Revitalize Psychiatry:  Disrupt, Include, Engage, and Innovate, San Francisco, CA, May 2019. Ketamine Infusions Stop Suicidal Ideation and Avert Psychiatric Hospitalizations and ER Visits (Poster)

American Society of Ketamine Physicians (ASKP) Annual Meeting 2019, Denver, CO, September, 2019.  Real World Results:  When Ketamine Stops Suicide (Oral Presentation)

American Psychiatric Association IPS 2019:  The Mental Health Services ConferenceImproving Access through Innovation and Collaboration, New York, NY, October, 2019.  Using IV Ketamine in Psychiatry to Stop Suicidal Ideation (Poster)

IASR/AFSP International Summit on Suicide Research 2019: Suicide Prevention Research: A Global Imperative, Miami, FL, October, 2019. The Summit is sponsored by the International Academy of Suicide Research in partnership with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. [The 2017 Summit included over 400 researchers and clinicians from 30 countries across the globe.] Serial Titrated Ketamine Infusions Can Stop Suicidal Ideation in Outpatients with Treatment Resistant Depression and Avert ER Visits, Hospitalization, and Suicide (Oral Presentation)

KRIYA Conference 2019, San Francisco, CA.

More about Dr. Calabrese

She serves a broad spectrum of patients. Among her areas of expertise are anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, psychiatric disorders during pregnancy and post-partum, trauma, eating disorders, ADHD, alcohol and substance use disorders co-occurring with other psychiatric disorders, and psychiatric disorders among the medically ill.

Dr. Lori Calabrese is dedicated to providing superb care. She works tirelessly with her patients, and their families and physicians, to change their lives for the better.


Wellesley College
The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Residency Training

The John Hopkins Hospital Bayview Campus / Francis Scott Key Medical Center

Harvard Medical School / Massachusetts General Hospital

Chief Resident, the Avery D. Weisman Psychiatry Consultation Service, Massachusetts General Hospital / Harvard Medical School

License, Certifications, & Awards

Licensed in Connecticut
Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
Top Docs Connecticut Magazine 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
Psychiatrist of the Year, Eastern Connecticut Health Network
National Institutes of Mental Health Best Resident in Psychiatry Award
The Thomas P. Hackett Award for Excellence in Consultation/Liaison Psychiatry, Massachusetts General Hospital / Harvard Medical School
International Rotary Foundation Undergraduate Fellowship

Professional Activities and Memberships

American Society of Ketamine Physicians
American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology
American Society of Clinical Psychiatry
American Psychiatric Association
American Medical Association
Connecticut Psychiatric Society

Passion … and Innovation

Dr. Calabrese has dedicated her life’s work to finding solutions for those who suffer with treatment-resistant conditions. As an expert in innovative psychiatry in the northeast United States in and around Connecticut, she welcomes questions from you. If you’d like to contact her, please call or send a note.