Social Anxiety

How do you feel about walking into a room of people you don’t know?  Sound fun and exciting…?  Maybe it sounds exhausting…. Or does it fill you with dread?

How about a dinner party?  You know the hostess… but no one else. Some people are so excited to be at that gathering. They know it will be fun for them…and they want you there too to share in the fun. As you try to plan for it, do you wish you didn’t have to go because spending time in a group of people drains you…?  Or are you gripped with a frozen, incapacitating dread…?

Which Social Category Fits You Best?

The people who are invited to a gathering like this probably fall roughly into three categories.

Extroverts come alive in a room full of people…who fill their emotional energy tanks with all the energy in the room. They just absorb it, love it, and radiate it back.

Introverts drain their emotional energy stores dry in a room full of people…who use it all up interacting then just have to leave and find solace to recharge.

People with social anxiety disorder are paralyzed with gripping fear and dread, fear being humiliated for their inability to be the life of the party, fear they’ll embarrass their companion with their social ineptness (or what they think is ineptness)…who just shut down…and desperately feel the need to avoid or escape the situation.

Social Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

Social anxiety disorder is paralyzing. It can cause you to believe everyone in the room is talking specifically about you. That you’re so awkward, and stand out as a social failure so prominently that everyone is aghast that you’d dare to show up.

And it can make you believe that anytime you attend a gathering, or group event, or make a presentation at work or school, that you’ll fail and humiliate yourself. The dread and anguish over that perceived possibility can cause panic at the mere thought of even going or trying to perform.

Social anxiety disorder can incapacitate you, fuel such fear that you may cry at the prospect… and any excuse you can find to escape the situation will do.

Maybe you decline 9 invitations out of 10.  Do your friends and family know that you most likely won’t make it?  By the time it’s 30 minutes after the gathering begins, do they assume you’re likely not coming…?

And do you wish you weren’t so uncomfortable, so intimidated by gatherings of people…that you could be the one people know they can rely on?

Social anxiety disorder symptoms, like those of other anxiety disorders, are cruel and may be extremely difficult to overcome without treatment.

You may miss countless meaningful experiences, opportunities to excel at work, relationship moments you would cherish forever.  You need a way to reduce the anxiety.

IV Ketamine Treatment for Social Anxiety Disorder

Antidepressants, anxiolytics (anxiety reducing medications) and psychotherapy don’t help about 1/3 of people who suffer. For those who are helped, better life experiences can unfold.

But for those who aren’t, IV ketamine treatment has revealed promising results.

As recently as August 2017, a proof-of-concept study involving 18 patients tested the use of ketamine vs. a placebo. In this trial, the researchers randomly alternated ketamine treatments with a placebo. And the patients experienced significant reduction of social anxiety symptoms after ketamine treatments.

At Innovative Psychiatry we see extraordinary outcomes in patients who suffer from social anxiety.

The stress of anxiety prunes nerve cells in the brain and wears down the synapses that connect them. Ketamine’s unique and powerful actions clear away the debris of broken and weakened synapse structures.

Then it turns on mRNA which switches on DNA to turbo-boost brain-derived-neurotrophic-factors (BDNF). BDNF is like an ultra rich compost that fosters new growth of these synapses structures. They burst into hyper drive and branch and bloom at high speed… and within minutes and hours you feel better… and find you have the courage to attend gatherings, make a presentation, meet a new friend for lunch.

IV ketamine treatment for social anxiety helps put your brain back in order.

Then, your brain functions the way it’s supposed to function. And when it’s working like it should…well, fear melts away.

For people with social anxiety, ketamine seems almost magical. Except it’s not magic, it’s just pure science — and that’s led to a greater understanding about what causes anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, OCD, and suicidal thinking.

In addition to what ketamine does for social anxiety, it can stop suicidal thinking within 4 hours.

Nothing else is available that can do that.

We’re dedicated to helping you achieve real relief if you have severe social anxiety, panic disorder, bipolar disorder, suicidal thoughtss, PTSD, and OCD.

If you suffer with social anxiety, and the depression that can go along with it, we offer innovative treatment

IV Ketamine Treatment

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