So… the pandemic continues…  

Wearing a mask is adaptability in the pandemic and it's worth it for this woman.

And millions of Americans are required to wear masks unless they’re at home with family. When you shop, there are yellow markers on the floor that show you where to stand in line to maintain social distancing… Certainly, this is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. Like the 100 year flood. We’ll never forget. Very few people in our midst have actually witnessed this before. Only those who lived during the Spanish flu in 1918 and are living today… and that’s about it. So, basically, only people older than 100. And as the conditions, precautions, and lockdowns become more restrictive, or less, or more again… you can find yourself disoriented, annoyed, and fearful. How do you cope? What if you’re just tired of coronavirus??

Could you have imagined that 6 months ago, when news of the pandemic spread around the world, that by midsummer precautions would be reinstated again? 

Well, you’re not alone. Most everyone shares your outlook. And by the way, some segments of this country has required masks outside of home since March.

Keep reminding yourself…in the name of generosity and your own adaptability, that you’re not alone. Millions upon millions of people are in the same boat.

So how do you do that…?  How do you maintain your sense of yourself, your identity, your good will and benevolence when you feel so worn down?

Have you noticed in line at the grocery store, waiting 6 ft behind the person in front of you, how much more easily people around you seem to snap? To attack the poor girl at the register, who is dutifully wearing her mask? This girl didn’t create the pandemic, and yes she’s getting the brunt of everyone’s ill humor.

So what can you do to nurture generosity and patience in this atmosphere?

Honestly, what if you’re just tired of coronavirus?? Consider adaptability and resilience.

Adaptability and Resilience in the Face of Hardship – Develops Your Patience and Confidence

When faced with crises, you have choices. 

You Can React and Let Your Tattered Emotions Lead…

or you can respond from the resilience and patience you’ve cultivated in past crises.
Adaptability in the pandemic or in nature can help you survive on a hike like this one.

A tree that’s blown with hurricane force winds can bend and bend and bend.  If it snapped from the pressure, that would be the end of that tree. But by bending, the trunk of the tree is strengthened. It becomes stronger and more flexible.

When you see a 200 year old oak tree, you can know that it’s seen lots of hardship, but it bends to the wind, it doesn’t allow itself to be drowned by flood or killed by drought. That tree has seen it all, yet it stands tall and strong, because it adapted.

This tree has learned how to send its roots deep and wide to nourish its needs. It takes its challenges one at a time, tucks its chin and stands strong in the face of wind gusts and hurricanes, freezing temperatures, and blazing heat.

Our beautiful oak doesn’t need to weather all the challenges that occur in ten years all it once. It stands, sways, bends, and replenishes itself, one challenge at a time.

It uses its adaptability to be flexible in the face of hardship, then springs back to its normal state and prepares for the next one. Always standing strong and resilient. And with each season it grows a little stronger, a little more equipped to face harder assaults in the future.

Adaptability means bending to accommodate the circumstances around you. And it’s vital because bending makes you stronger.

These principles apply to countless crises, assaults, and hardships. Just like this beautiful old tree, you learn to nourish yourself, to put down roots deep and wide that will help you stand strong in the face of trouble, to reach for the sky with exercise and nutrition.

You may be tired of coronavirus and all that goes with it, but if you think about it, things could be worse…a LOT worse. So nurture and nourish yourself, so you can give warmth and patience to others around you who are struggling too. Remember this isn’t permanent…it’s just right now.

Simple, random acts of kindness and generosity can also beef up your own resilience and confidence.

But to live to see another day can be a worthwhile goal in the thick of things.

But What If I Can’t Think of a Creative Response? 

What if I can’t imagine a better way to respond or feel?

Just because you want to be calm, and respond wisely, doesn’t mean you have the power to do that. If you suffer from PTSD or depressive disorders the calm and wise response may be beyond reach.

They say, “It’s not the strongest who survives, nor the most intelligent. But rather it’s the one who can best adapt to change.”

To avoid the panic this woman feels, practice adaptability in the pandemic.

And when you nurture resilience, and you’re flexible in the face of changing circumstances, you become stronger and you have more patience to offer the ones around you who are also tired of coronavirus.

Which is where ketamine comes in.

IV ketamine treatment can reduce stress and the damage it has caused in your synapses, in your hippocampus and amygdala. As the stress dissolves, and your synapses are rebuilt and become abundant and highly functional again, your ability to face a threat and make good decisions is remarkably improved.

This new level of function reduces depression symptoms dramatically, to the point that you feel well. You have the needed energy to think of the needs of others and make decisions that benefit them. You have the creative thought to adapt in difficult circumstances, making them less distressing. In fact, you can enjoy the opportunities you find in the midst of them.

And you can imagine…and enjoy.

And if you have suicidal thoughts, or too many thoughts about dying, ketamine can stop those thoughts in a few hours. You could be an afternoon away from relief and hope.

Ketamine Doesn’t Help Everyone – But It Can Transform Most People Who Reach Out for It

At Innovative Psychiatry, every week we see people enjoy that relief, hope, and freedom because of their ketamine treatment. They marvel at the night and day change that replaces the depressive darkness and anxiety. 

And as ketamine treatment restores their power to enjoy and imagine, they realize that instead of being tired of coronavirus, they have a renewed patience for taking it as it comes. And giving a leg-up to those around them.

But, first, a word of caution: Ketamine treatment doesn’t have this robust effect on everyone who needs it. But no other treatment is currently available that relieves these symptoms so easily for as many. If you’re one of the ones whom ketamine doesn’t help, there are other treatments we can talk about. 

Interestingly, ketamine treatment is often most effective on patients with the most severe symptoms. And that’s why we focus on patients who have not been helped by other medicines.

Adaptability in the pandemic can allow you to maintain your joy in adversity like Carol here.

So, if you struggle with anxiety disorders, PTSD, social anxiety, severe depression, substance use disorder, alcohol use disorder, or suicidal thoughts, and nothing else has helped, call us.

Because letting ketamine improve your mood, your outlook, and your resilience also equips you with improved adaptability in other crises you face.

We’re here to listen, and to help you find relief, even achieve remission, from these symptoms that impair your best life

Ketamine can remove the obstacles that prevent you from pursuing happiness, building strong relationships, and investing motivation and initiative in your career. 

You really can have a fruitful and rewarding life, and we’re here to help.

To the restoration of your best self,

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Lori Calabrese, M.D.

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