Disasters can come in many forms… barring natural disasters like earthquakes or floods… political disaster and a rising pandemic sound pretty daunting.

There’s the anxiety that accompanies voting tomorrow, and hopefully you’ve had the opportunity to vote early and avoid the big final voting day… Then add to that the OUTCOME of the vote the next day. The fact that it will go one of two ways… and it’s easy to cling to the idea that the world as you know it will end if the vote doesn’t go YOUR way. Eeesh…. Right along side that is the rising tide of COVID-19 in the news as the daily infection rate rises higher and higher. The CDC reports 99,750 new cases this past Friday in the US, the highest single day count of new cases ever in the US. That’s up from 63,000 October 16. We are neck deep in the Second Surge of coronavirus.


Both of these issues have been looming. At the end of the summer, COVID seemed to have been receding. Then there was talk of the Second Surge of coronavirus. Now, the news is full of the threat of the worst flu season in memory because of the combination of influenza and COVID-19.

Like the growing gloom of black thunderclouds on the horizon, when the low barometric  pressure is a hint of the impending storm… there is the sense in the nation that disaster looms.

And you feel helpless.

And fearful that life will become somehow unmanageable, so difficult that it may overwhelm you and those you love.

Stop and take a breath.

Breathe in…

Breathe out…  


Because of particularly strong clashes of ideals and passions, they’re calling this vote an Election on Steroids.

There was a time when elections were so apathetic that big chunks of the population didn’t bother themselves to vote.

Not now.

Where the presidential election is concerned….only one candidate will win. You know that.

But here’s the rub. No matter who you voted for, life will move forward. Your life, your family, your job…your routine…will move forward.

Those who didn’t vote for that candidate will adjust.  And those who did are sure to suffer their own disappointments at some point too…but that’s how life goes.

You. Your loved ones. That’s who deserves your energy and support. So get up. Keep living, and being grateful for everything that’s good in your life.

Remember that your vote is one vote in a nation of millions of people. We live in a great nation with all its faults and all its strengths. And you’re a part of these millions of people who comprise this nation.

We’re all connected, no matter who we voted for, or who wins. We’re connected by virtue of being Americans, and by virtue of being human. We all share the same DNA and we need each other.

Tensions Foster Divides But You Can Bridge Them

During the tensions of an election it’s easy to fall into grievous criticisms of other beliefs and ideals than your own. But honestly, it’s beneath all of us to do that. 

During the terrible fires that have swept across the northwest, California, and Arizona, Americans go and help.  Right..? They don’t ask if the people evacuating are of one ideology or another.  They just help because they’re people.

And doing so increases peace in the helper.

After this election is completed tomorrow, think about what YOU can do to maintain your peace of mind, your stability, your support of other humans. It’s likely there will be others who react because their candidate didn’t win, and those who celebrate because their candidate did win. 

But think about your life, your loved ones, and your wellbeing as a family.  Make an effort to understand those you don’t agree with. Make a decision to limit the time you spend watching the news, or reading news or political rhetoric on the internet.

And focus on the good in your life,  the people you love, and your care for them.

Second Surge of Coronavirus: The Double Whammy Flu Season.

People everywhere are seeking ways to protect others from the ravages of the spread of these viruses. We already have cities in our country where hospitals are full…businesses have been shuttered.

The numbers of cases per day are swiftly rising. In the US overall, on October 16, the number of cases/day was 68,000 but is now 99,750.

Just Think. 

There IS a need to take every precaution. To choose safety, rather than take chances.

In NYC this weekend, a Halloween party was held where 400 people attended. Many wore no masks. Why? You have to wonder. Of course, police handed out citations to all they could, but what causes people to knowingly contribute to the second surge of coronavirus …?

Ok. Yes. We’re all fed up with masks and gloves, sanitizers, and handwashing, as well as social distancing. But that’s no reason to stop doing what’s safe, is it?

Still, you cannot change what other people do. But you can make your safety decisions based on what is currently happening. And you should.

So if you know the people in the post office or grocery store line aren’t wearing masks, don’t go there!  You can always send gifts from websites and have them delivered directly to your recipient.  

When you go to the grocery or hardware store, use one where you can park in a special space and they’ll bring your purchase to you. So that you avoid going inside. You do have choices to keep yourself and loved ones safe.

See how easy this can be? No muss, no fuss, no frustration.

You can stay safe from this second surge of coronavirus by making thoughtful choices that take care of you.

Plus, it’s a lot easier to make choices that are right for you than to let yourself get fearful, resentful, and angry at those you see not following the safety protocols.

What Else Can YOU Do to Navigate and Weather the Sense of Dread You Feel At This Weird Time?

Walks in the fresh air can help. Eating a diet that’s chosen from all the food groups, especially all the colors of vegetables and fruits. Greens, reds, blues, purples, yellows…

And if you need the kind of treatment ketamine infusions can provide, call us. 

At Innovative Psychiatry we’ve taken extra steps to make sure we’re constantly destroying COVID-19 and flu viruses in our offices. We’ve gone the extra mile, so you can feel safe here, and our staff is safe, too.

If you struggle with these and treatment hasn’t helped, call us.

Ketamine treatment may be able to help you rise above the dread and feel hope and clarity again.

This is an unusual autumn. We won’t see another one like it anytime soon. And we’re going to get through this safely, together.

Please call us and let us help.

To the restoration of your best self,

signature of Lori Calabrese, M.D.

Lori Calabrese, M.D.

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