When Coronavirus Illness and Grief Hit Home

People gather and ignore the coronavirus illness and grief.

Leia dragged herself off the couch. Good grief. She felt soooo tired. She didn’t sleep that well last night…couldn’t get comfortable… maybe that’s why, she guessed. After walking into the kitchen to brew some tea, she decided to just take it easy and read a book on the coffee table. After awhile…she dozed off. Then, […]


A Few Words of Reassurance

Our Nation is in Crisis, but We’re Here to Help You Get Through This The current Coronavirus – COVID-19 pandemic has increased fear and intensified depression and other psychiatric symptoms for many. News about COVID-19 evolves daily – thank goodness! We’ve never appreciated more how medicine can move so fast, how scientists can work at […]


Spravato: Esketamine Nasal Spray Controversy Storms Ahead

Spravato esketamine nasal spray can relieve depression in some people.

Have you tried Spravato? Periodically, we’ve added our two cents to the discussion. Since its approval by the FDA in March of last year, we’ve seen a variety of protests from psychiatrists about its value for treating treatment resistant and severe depression. A recent article published in The Lancet provides an overview of the back […]