Chronic Stress Pathology: IV Ketamine Kicks It to the Curb

Chronic stress pathology results when stressors pile up to drown you.

Is depression common ..?  Is it something suffered only by the rare individual…? The World Health Organization says it’s the leading cause of disability.  Have you heard that? Not those rare people no one ever sees… but people all around you struggle to function, and paste on their “upbeat faces” … while feeling more alone […]


Resilience During Social Distancing in the Pandemic

Annie's resilience during social distancing helps her to enjoy the moments wherever she is.

“May you have interesting times always…” the asian proverb says. Well, these are interesting times. Some of us might think a little too interesting…!  And I guess most of us are eagerly looking toward the time when we’ll have times that are less interesting and more peaceful and predictable. Who could blame us?  Still, for […]