Keto Plus Ketamine: A New Approach for Anorexia?

Caroline's joy after keto plus ketamine , a new approach for anorexia.

If you know someone with anorexia nervosa, you know how chronic… dangerous… and life-threatening it can be. I bet you didn’t know it could go into full remission. This is the story of a novel idea, a brand new course of treatment, an innovative treatment procedure, and a protocol that was born out of love. […]

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Fallout From the Covid Pandemic May Not Be All Bad

The fallout from the covid pandemic may not be all bad, like spending time with family.

As tough as these times have been, there have been some bright spots.  In fact, some people who have suffered terribly from symptoms of their disorders are actually stabilizing and improving. Feeling as though they’re less “disordered” and almost more normal than they’ve felt before. Can you imagine? In fact, as much as we’ve struggled with […]


What If You’re Just Tired of Coronavirus??

Wearing a mask is adaptability in the pandemic and it's worth it for this woman.

So… the pandemic continues…   And millions of Americans are required to wear masks unless they’re at home with family. When you shop, there are yellow markers on the floor that show you where to stand in line to maintain social distancing… Certainly, this is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. Like the 100 year flood. We’ll never […]


Ketamine Can Stun PTSD Through This Pandemic

As businesses and services begin to slowly, cautiously open back up, we have questions. Is it safe to be around others? Experts say social distancing is still the ticket, as well as masks and gloves and hand washing. Yes, yes, and yes. And what if you’ve got something gripping you in the midst of this […]