Attitude of Gratitude: How to Rise Above Tragedy

This lady raises her hands in gratefulness with an attitude of gratitude

WHAT DOES GRATITUDE HAVE TO DO WITH HAPPINESS? We’ve been talking about the science of happiness. The things researchers have been learning about what actually make us happy, as well as what doesn’t make us as happy as we think they will. The funny thing about happiness is that it’s sort of counter-intuitive. For instance, if […]


The Science of Happiness: What You Can Do to Achieve It

Photo of family catching snowflakes who have found happiness in their relationships illustrates the social principle of the Science of Happiness.

The science of happiness is rather new as a science, but the pursuit of happiness is something we’re all familiar with. Everybody searches for happiness all through life. In fact, it’s ranked right up there with food and water since the days of cave men. As long as man has lived on earth, he’s sought […]


Resilience: Adapting To Emerge as Your Best Self

Reaching out for the sun demonstrating the triumph of resilience over adversity.

Do you know someone who can’t seem to go through difficulty without collapsing emotionally?  Whether the difficulty is a natural disaster, a broken relationship, or a financial loss… Some people can weather difficult storms with strength and resilience. Others become grief-stricken and shut down every time something disappointing happens.  Why is that? So what is […]


How Curcumin Relieves Depression

This woman is enjoying life with her friends at a dinner party since curcumin relieved her depression symptoms

In the search for alternatives to help those patients who suffer from treatment-resistant depression, or who can’t tolerate the side effects of some antidepressant medications, a shining star rises — curcumin. Curcumin is the potent anti-inflammatory ingredient found in the spice turmeric. The wonderful aromatic spice that makes mustard and curry yellow, turmeric is a […]


Your Microbiome: How It Affects Your Mood

Young woman buying fresh vegetables to support her microbiome and mood

What Is Your Microbiome and Why Does It Matter? In the last five years, researchers have learned more and more about the the organisms in our own intestinal tract, our microbiome. Let’s talk about the connection between those organisms and their affect on our physical and mental health, for better or for worse. The types of specific […]


7 Tips to Avoid Holiday Stress and Depression

Holiday Stress and Depression

The holidays are quickly approaching and you may already be experiencing some angst. While the holidays are a great way to spend quality time with family and friends, stress and depression aren’t uncommon during this time. Here are 7 tips to help you avoid holiday stress and depression. 1. Be Realistic We often have an […]


When Depression Medications Don’t Help

depression medications

Treatment-resistant depression When you’re depressed and taking an antidepressant, it may seem like it takes forever for it to work. While therapy, in addition to medication, can help… it may not be enough if you’re experiencing treatment-resistant depression. Some people find after many months with a medication that there’s no relief. If that’s the case, we […]


How to Stay Present Through Emotional Pain

emotional pain

Coping with emotional pain may leave you feeling like life is passing you by. It can be difficult to remain focused on the present while you’re dealing with emotional pain, but it’s crucial to do your best to live for each day. If you’re having trouble staying present through emotional pain, here are some tips […]