IV Ketamine: Doing What Prozac Can’t

Man on top of mountains spreads arms in relief after IV ketamine treatment

Excitement about IV Ketamine Recently, I shared my perspective about the consensus statement released by the American Psychiatric Association’s Council of Research on Novel Biomarkers and Treatments Task Force. Their statement was about the use of IV ketamine for treating mood and other psychiatric disorders. That Task Force, in its consensus statement, assured members of the […]

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Treatment-Resistant Depression Meets Its Match

Woman in a kayak in a beautiful lake sits back and enjoys the view after IV ketamine relieved her treatment-resistant depression.

Do you know someone who’s been listless and hopeless for a really long time?  More than weeks or even months … someone who’s been taking antidepressants for years, and has never really felt better? Have you noticed how years of despair affects a person’s outlook so deeply that their personality seems to change? Clare’s story Take Clare. […]


JAMA Psychiatry Weighs In: The “Ketamine for Depression” Buzz

JAMA Ketamine Buzz: Woman feels renewed after depression treatment of IV ketamine

JAMA: “Ketamine for Depression” Buzz The mental health community is all a-buzz about IV ketamine for treating depression and other psychiatric disorders, and for good reason. For the first time, people who’ve been treated without success for years are experiencing relief and enjoying their lives. For anyone who has suffered from psychiatric disorders without relief […]


Why Some People Get PTSD…and Others Don’t

In the throes of PTSD, this man feels lost and terrorized. Why do some people get PTSD, and others don't?

Ever notice how some people seem to collapse under an onslaught of traumatic experiences, and others almost seem to rise above them? Almost as if demonstrating their resilience? Why some people get PTSD and others don’t..that’s the question. People tend to say the latter type is “strong”…  and the former type is weak…unable to withstand […]


The Stigmatizing Term: Mentally Ill

Young woman, called mentally ill, suffers from stigma and in despair needs ketamine off-label treatment.

Stigmatizing Term: Mentally Ill I used to think I was an expert in this stuff.  The stigma of it all.  Mental illness.  Man, I hate that phrase.  I don’t hate many things, but I hate that phrase. Always hated that phrase. Truly,  I think I hate every awful syllable of that phrase.  I never utter it. People who […]


Ketamine Off-Label = New Hope

Ketamine Off-Label Talk about ketamine off-label and it’s hard not to get a raised eyebrow or two. The one-eyebrow raise is the curious, skeptical, quizzical, or disapproving look when someone hears about IV ketamine infusions for depression, just before she takes a deep breath and then dismisses it.  But the two-eyebrow raise is another matter entirely. […]

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Bipolar Disorder: Why Are You Acting That Way?

Woman with bipolar disorder appears to be under a veil because she feels veiled from her real self...and that no one can see who she really is.

“I hope I don’t have bipolar disorder.”  “It’s not bipolar, right?”  “How do I know if it’s his bipolar disorder or if he’s just being a brat?”  “Everyone just throws that term around like it’s the menu of the day—bipolar disorder is so overdiagnosed, it’s not funny.”  The words are tough to hear.  The phrases […]


There’s No Shame in Shyness

Shy teen feels left out and rejected by peer group LoriCalabreseMD

Shyness is a natural reticence to interact with people you don’t know. For those who are shy, it can be very painful and interfere with their social development. Introverted ?  …or Shy? You may have heard it said that shyness is just introversion. But, this isn’t really true. An introvert may or may not be […]