Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Treatments Change the Game

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder treatments change the game.

Just because it feels natural…doesn’t mean it’s good for you Macie is a 32 year-old administrative assistant who feels growing tension when she leaves the house. She opens and closes the door, locks it then unlocks it, and opens and closes it again to be sure it’s latched. Then locks it… and unlocks it. It doesn’t […]

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Straight Talk about Narcissism

The guy you never expect has NPD till you read straight talk about narcissism.

How is it that he is just so full of himself? Why is it that everything is always all about her? There’s so much self-absorption these days that it’s dizzying. Seems like experts — on just about everything — surround us.   People who know it all, get it right, and never think twice about what they […]


PTSD Has a New Predator: IV Ketamine

PTSD has a new predator: IV ketamine which can help these men after surviving war zone trauma.

PTSD Has a New Predator: IV Ketamine He’d seen active combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. His unit had grown close. Tight. Trusted each other with their lives. They’d cheered when word came that Jarrett’s baby had been born. They’d gotten drunk with Ben when his mom died. They had each other’s back, and knew each other in […]