ketamineObsessive-compulsive disorder is a psychiatric disorder that causes repetitive behaviors, intrusive thoughts, and fear. The traditional treatment for OCD has been cognitive behavior therapy, drug therapy, or a combination. But Ketamine has shown promise in reducing OCD symptoms. The theory that ketamine reduces OCD has been studied and continues to be backed up by ongoing research.

Ketamine Reduces OCD Quickly and Affordably

A recent study was presented to the American Psychological Association (APA) during the annual meeting showing promising results of ketamine therapy to reduce OCD symptoms. This study included 10 unmedicated patients with OCD who were each given an infusion of 0.5mg of ketamine and 0.5mg of saline randomly.

During the first week, half of the patients responded to treatment. The patients who received ketamine in the first infusion were evaluated two weeks later; 40% responded to treatment.

Ketamine Reduces OCD in 40% of Patients who Were Studied

The theory is that ketamine infusions work through the glutamate system to rapidly decrease the symptoms of OCD. More research is necessary to fully understand the sustained effect of ketamine in the treatment of OCD. However, this study has shown promising results for future OCD treatment.

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