Treatment-Resistant Depression in Adolescents

Insomnia and Suicide: Will Treating One Prevent the Other?

This woman fell asleep at work from exhaustion, a sign of insomnia and suicide.

A cause and affect relationship that’s a recipe for profound misery…is there hope? Jarrod turned over. The room was dark except for the light of the clock. 3:45AM glowed brightly in the darkness. Jarrod sighed heavily. It had been 5 hours since he turned off the light. Exhaustion weighed him down like lead. He hadn’t […]


Persistence: The Road to Resilience Helps You Try, Try Again

Persistence the road to resilience helps you get back up and try again when you fall.

With perseverance, you can build the life you want to live. You’ve probably seen the photo of an old stone lighthouse in the storm, with overwhelming waves crashing against it and around it. It looks like it will surely be knocked down…but it’s not. Those waves go on year in and year out, decades upon […]


Advances in Psychiatric Treatment: 2018 in Review

Advances in psychiatric treatment help this man find joy again.

Happy New Year!!  The big silver ball falls tonight to celebrate the birth of 2019. Let’s celebrate the unprecedented, transforming, and ever-accelerating advances in psychiatric treatment this year and the neuroscience that backs it up. Celebrate is the word. Because we’re so grateful to the courageous researchers around the beginning of the 21st century who […]


2018 Innovative Psychiatry: Ketamine Developments

2018 Innovative Psychiatry ketamine developments show 80% response in treatment-resistant disorders.

What a year it’s been!! As this busy year creeps toward its end, it’s fun to look back on all we’ve accomplished in our hard work to help find more effective treatment for those who suffer with symptoms that don’t respond to traditional treatment. Since the early beginnings in my work as a psychiatrist, I’ve […]


Ketamine KRIYA Conference 2018

2018 Innovative Psychiatry ketamine developments included a well-received presentation at the Kriya conference in San Francisco.

KRIYA!! The most phenomenal ketamine conference to date!   Last weekend I attended and presented at the ketamine KRIYA Conference 2018 in San Francisco. This conference emerged as the most dynamic gathering of front-line ketamine practitioners I’ve ever experienced. And what an event! The ketamine KRIYA Conference 2018 was extraordinarily different than any other research […]

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The Right Dose of Ketamine for You

The right dose of ketamine for you helps you enjoy the things you use to love doing.

Ketamine Treatment for Mood Disorders is NOT One-Size-Fits-All Have  you suffered from severe depression, suicidal thoughts, social anxiety… or PTSD, OCD, bipolar disorder, addiction… and the treatments your doctor prescribed didn’t help? Did you reach out to a doctor who offers ketamine, or a ketamine clinic in your area, and find that it hardly helped? It’s […]

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Why Ketamine Over Esketamine? It Works and It’s Available NOW

Why ketamine over esketamine? Because it's twice as effective.

Treatment for Psychiatric Mood Disorders Has Been Quietly Waiting To Do Its Magic for 50 Years He was 48, in the midst of a booming career, and like some others who demonstrate that special kind of genius, he had periods when depression came over him unexpectedly…and made it extremely difficult to function. Because of his […]


Marti’s Story: How Ketamine Smashes Treatment-Resistant Depression

Ketamine smashes depression.

Ketamine Can Eradicate Severe Depression Do you know anyone who’s severely depressed? I want you to meet Marti. If you’ve never experienced severe depression yourself, learning about Marti’s journey may give you a glimpse into what it’s like. And if you have…well…I hope Marti’s story helps you feel less alone…and helps you find hope for your future, […]


IV Ketamine Can Treat Adolescent Depression

Ketamine Treatment Shows It’s Effectiveness with Treatment-Resistant Adolescent Depression For generations, teenagers have struggled with depression, and treatment has been only moderately effective. We need to treat adolescent depression urgently. Failed grades, lost schooling due to poor attendance, interrupted social development, broken dreams… Pressures of Achievements A young woman who had excelled in high school, […]