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Articles About Suicidal Thoughts by Lori Calabrese, MD | The Ketamine Blog

We offer the following articles about suicidal thoughts to reduce the hype and stigma that seem to accompany the tragedy of suicide and those who consider it. We hope to show how changes in brain circuitry and structures lead to the torment of these thoughts, and as a result an individual can make attempts on his own life because he succumbs to those painful images and thought patterns.

Suicidal Thoughts Are Caused by a Variety of Disorders and Reactions

Suicide is not selfish, as some claim, any more than kidney failure is selfish. It’s part of a disease process that creates a cycle the individual is trapped within.

Suicidal thoughts can accompany a variety of psychiatric disorders.  In fact, they can torment people who have never been diagnosed with a disorder at all.. Sometimes changes can happen slowly over time in response to a significant life event that takes the joy out of life for an individual.  And that state can progress to thoughts of death.

The loss of someone near and dear, or other types of losses can also contribute. Sometimes a personal failure is behind the action.

In other cases, a person may suffer for a prolonged period of time from a diagnosis, or multiple disorders, that bring feelings of depression, despair, and despondency.  When this happens, in some cases mental images of death, or thoughts of dying, or even plans for dying ensue.

Of all of those who admit to thinking about death and dying, and those who think those thoughts but don’t talk about them, there is a smaller percentage of people who actually follow through.

But that’s not to say that there aren’t far too many suicides. 800

Suicide is the Second Leading Cause of Death in 15-29 Year Olds

And it doesn’t just happen in developed countries. Globally, 79% of suicides occur in lower and middle income countries.

And think about this: The greatest risk factor for suicide is a previous attempt.

The archaic idea that an unsuccessful suicide attempt is just a cry for attention is an idea that can eventually lead to tragedy.

But here’s the point.

Talk of suicide should always be taken seriously. We don’t know for sure who among this group will follow through and who won’t. But these thoughts put any person at risk who experiences them.

Suicidal Thoughts and Actions Are a Product of a Mind Out of Order

Unfortunately there are far too many who end their lives. But thanks to IV ketamine treatment, that number is decreasing.

What I’ve seen in my own practice is that IV ketamine can end those thoughts in an afternoon. That buys time for the individual to safely participate in therapy and build a more solid personal infrastructure for remission.

In fact, the use of IV ketamine for suicidal thoughts can prevent trips to the ER for suicidal attempts and prevent hospitalizations, as well.

It’s for this reason I promote the use of IV ketamine to stop suicidal thoughts and save lives.  Lives of people who can go on to enjoy love, productivity, and fulfillment.

As you read these articles about suicidal thoughts, I hope they’ll broaden your perspective about how widely thoughts like this are experienced, and how important it is to stop them so your loved one can heal.

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