Advances in Psychiatric Treatment: 2018 in Review

Advances in psychiatric treatment help this man find joy again.

Happy New Year!!  The big silver ball falls tonight to celebrate the birth of 2019. Let’s celebrate the unprecedented, transforming, and ever-accelerating advances in psychiatric treatment this year and the neuroscience that backs it up. Celebrate is the word. Because we’re so grateful to the courageous researchers around the beginning of the 21st century who […]


Ketamine Treatment Enhances Creativity – Lori Calabrese, M.D.

Psychiatric disorders and creativity seem to be linked in some people.

Psychiatric Disorders and Creativity: Is there a link?     Think about it. Vincent Van Gogh. Virginia Woolf. Michelangelo. Beethoven. Robin Williams. Ernest Hemingway. Carrie Fisher. Anthony Bourdain. Creative Genius. There are hundreds, probably thousands more, who fit right in with this good company. Maybe you do, too. Take John Nash, the Nobel prize-winning mathematician […]