Treating Mood Disorders: Is the Key Hidden in the CSF?

No Wonder Treatment Resistance Has Been Such a Mystery! Clue: Look in the Cerebral Spinal Fluid! A man in his forties, Greg had never experienced life without depression. Treating mood disorders didn’t seem to be his psychiatrist’s forte. (Oh boy…) At least not in his case. Every accomplishment, every failure, struggled for expression beneath the […]

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RESILIENCE! It’s the New Buzzword Among People with Mood and Anxiety Disorders

Reslience! it's the buzzword that people with psychiatric disorders are talking about.

Too much screen time? Let yourself have 2 more minutes of it right now: because if you’ve been tooling around reading anything related to mood disorders or anxiety disorders, IV ketamine, and other advanced treatments, you’ve probably noticed that there’s buzz about resilience. Because of the world that has opened up since IV ketamine began […]


The Stigmatizing Term: Mentally Ill

Young woman, called mentally ill, suffers from stigma and in despair needs ketamine off-label treatment.

Stigmatizing Term: Mentally Ill I used to think I was an expert in this stuff.  The stigma of it all.  Mental illness.  Man, I hate that phrase.  I don’t hate many things, but I hate that phrase. Always hated that phrase. Truly,  I think I hate every awful syllable of that phrase.  I never utter it. People who […]


Resilience: Adapting To Emerge as Your Best Self

Reaching out for the sun demonstrating the triumph of resilience over adversity.

Do you know someone who can’t seem to go through difficulty without collapsing emotionally?  Whether the difficulty is a natural disaster, a broken relationship, or a financial loss… Some people can weather difficult storms with strength and resilience. Others become grief-stricken and shut down every time something disappointing happens.  Why is that? So what is […]