Want to Help Ketamine Remission Last? First Strengthen Your Personal Infrastructure

Help ketamine remission last by letting go of unhealthy things in your life that cause stress.

In past posts, we’ve talked about remission by ketamine, the 50-year-old anesthesia medicine that stepped up to the plate in the last ten years or so… to bridge the gap in the treatment of an array of psychiatric disorders. We’ve talked about the growing body of evidence that demonstrates the extraordinary antidepressant effects of this […]


Advances in Psychiatric Treatment: 2018 in Review

Advances in psychiatric treatment help this man find joy again.

Happy New Year!!  The big silver ball falls tonight to celebrate the birth of 2019. Let’s celebrate the unprecedented, transforming, and ever-accelerating advances in psychiatric treatment this year and the neuroscience that backs it up. Celebrate is the word. Because we’re so grateful to the courageous researchers around the beginning of the 21st century who […]


Ketamine KRIYA Conference 2018

2018 Innovative Psychiatry ketamine developments included a well-received presentation at the Kriya conference in San Francisco.

KRIYA!! The most phenomenal ketamine conference to date!   Last weekend I attended and presented at the ketamine KRIYA Conference 2018 in San Francisco. This conference emerged as the most dynamic gathering of front-line ketamine practitioners I’ve ever experienced. And what an event! The ketamine KRIYA Conference 2018 was extraordinarily different than any other research […]

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PTSD Can Make You Sick. Can Ketamine Stop That Before It Does?

You feel shattered with PTSD but can ketamine stop that and help you achieve remission?

Studies Imply PTSD is a Gateway Condition That Can Lead to Other Critical Illnesses. Ketamine treatment can bring PTSD to remission, and hopefully prevent these other illnesses. Bang! A sudden loud noise breaks the stillness. “What tha…??!! Your companion jumps with a startled exclamation, missing that you’re standing there frozen, pale, and in-one-motion spun around […]


So You Want to Buy Esketamine Nasal Spray… Really??

When esketamine nasal spray didn't help, ketamine treatment did for this man.

Is It the Hype…?  Or Is There Something about Esketamine You Really Want…? Ok,  you’ve been wishing for a remedy for your distress with this mood disorder.  I get it. Something that will do more than take the edge off, but instead will really help you feel good again. You’ve heard about ketamine treatment, but having to go to […]


Rape and PTSD: Can Ketamine Treatment Offer Hope?

Rape and PTSD can be crippling...ketamine treatment can help you function again.

Rape and PTSD Are Pervasive and Unrelenting She froze. Beads of perspiration broke out on her scalp…her eyes flashed wide. Terror gripped her and she prepared to fight off her attacker… She waited.  Held her breath. Seconds passed. Then a minute….so she quietly sucked in some air… and slowly — almost imperceptibly— looked into the […]


ASKP Meeting Notes: The 2018 Inaugural Conference of the American Society of Ketamine Physicians

Ketamine Treatment Advances help you to relax and enjoy again.

New Advances in Ketamine Treatment 2018 has been a good year. A very good year. In this fall season of harvest and bounty which surrounds us outdoors, we find ourselves as ketamine physicians with wonderful gifts to work with:  in our world of neuroscience and psychiatry, the soil is rich, the seeds have been planted, […]

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Why Ketamine Over Esketamine? It Works and It’s Available NOW

Why ketamine over esketamine? Because it's twice as effective.

Treatment for Psychiatric Mood Disorders Has Been Quietly Waiting To Do Its Magic for 50 Years He was 48, in the midst of a booming career, and like some others who demonstrate that special kind of genius, he had periods when depression came over him unexpectedly…and made it extremely difficult to function. Because of his […]