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Ketamine Is Creating a New Wave of Drugs to Treat Depression

Johnson & Johnson and Allergan are now testing new drugs for depression that are based on ketamine. There are still safety concerns. Ketamine, a powerful anesthetic drug, is inspiring scientists and doctors to rethink how we treat depression.Now, two major pharmaceutical companies, Johnson & Johnson and Allergan, are making strides in developing drugs based on […]


A ‘breakthrough’ depression drug inspired by ketamine is attracting more attention from big pharma

After 35 years of mediocre depression drugs, pharmaceutical companies are jazzed about several new drugs inspired by the club drug ketamine. Allergan, the multinational pharmaceutical giant known for Botox and birth control, recently dove into research on an injectable depression drug called Rapastinel. Most recently, the company announced it was working on oral pill version […]


Remarkable Secrets of Ketamine’s Antidepressant Effect Unlocked by Scientists

Identifying way in which ketamine rapidly alleviates severe depression could pave way for new generation of treatments. Ketamine, most commonly known for its use as a recreational drug, has in recent years come to be thought of as the biggest breakthrough psychiatric treatment for severe depression in half a century. In as little as half an hour it has been shown to banish severe and […]


Ketamine gaining popularity as a treatment for the severely depressed

Anne Stallings says she has been battling severe depression for most of her life. She tried anti-depressants and even electroconvulsive therapy, but nothing worked until she went to a Potomac, Maryland, clinic and tried ketamine, reports CBS News correspondent Paula Reid. “It was like the fifth treatment in and I had come home from the […]


Ketamine could prove useful in treatment of severe social anxiety

By ERIC W. DOLAN January 24, 2018 The first placebo-controlled study of ketamine’s effect on social anxiety disorder has provides more evidence that the anesthetic could be helpful in severe cases. “Many patients with anxiety continue to have impairing symptoms despite the first-line talk therapy (cognitive behavioral therapy) and first-line medications (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors),” […]


Forbes Magazine: Ketamine May Reduce Depression, Suicidal Thoughts Within Hours

Ketamine, known mostly as a party drug, has assumed a new identity in recent years—as a promising antidepressant. And, though research is still under way, it seems to reduce symptoms of depression very quickly, and in people who haven’t been helped by traditional antidepressants. Now, a study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry finds that for depressed people […]


JAMA: A Consensus Statement on the Use of Ketamine in the Treatment of Mood Disorders

Importance  Several studies now provide evidence of ketamine hydrochloride’s ability to produce rapid and robust antidepressant effects in patients with mood and anxiety disorders that were previously resistant to treatment. Despite the relatively small sample sizes, lack of longer-term data on efficacy, and limited data on safety provided by these studies, they have led to increased […]