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We offer these articles about kids, teens, and college students to provide real information. We hope this improves understanding about psychiatric disorders in people under the age of 22.

First, it’s true that Lori Calabrese, M.D., is not a pediatric psychiatrist. However, she treats teens from age 14 to adult with IV ketamine infusions when they’re candidates for this innovative treatment.

Ketamine Treatment for Psychiatric Disorders

Parke-Davis developed ketamine and the FDA approved it for anesthesia in 1970, Ketamine demonstrates its safety  every day in countries around  the world. Of course, that reputation for safety goes with its use in small doses for babies, children, adolescents, and adults.

When we treat a patient with ketamine infusions for depression and other psychiatric disorders, the dose we use is even smaller than the doses used for anesthesia.

Suicide in Children

You may not be aware that some children, not just teenagers, reach a point of desperation and sometimes think about death, dying, and suicide.  Just as there is a difference in the methods male suicide victims use as opposed to women, there is a difference in the methods children use in contrast with teens or adults.

Whether a child or teenager makes an impulsive decision on the spur of the moment or methodically plots, plans, and executes the plan depends partially on personality, maturity, and frame of mind.

But, this one thing is indisputable. If suicide is successful, opportunities for treatment, relief, and hope, are gone.

Ketamine Can Rapidly Erase Suicidal Thoughts

This may be the most important reason for my use of ketamine in treating my patients. To circumvent suicidal thoughts, we can turn to IV ketamine treatment, and the suicidal thoughts usually dissipate within an afternoon.

And, this is life-saving.

Until ketamine emerged, we could only prescribe a daily medication and wait for weeks or months for it to do its job. This delay was life-threatening for those who were suicidal. Ketamine is saving lives now.

These articles about kids teens and adults can hopefully provide you with information and fight stigma, as well.   

See you inside…

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