Infrastructure for Optimal Wellbeing

Want to Help Ketamine Remission Last? First Strengthen Your Personal Infrastructure

Help ketamine remission last by letting go of unhealthy things in your life that cause stress.

In past posts, we’ve talked about remission by ketamine, the 50-year-old anesthesia medicine that stepped up to the plate in the last ten years or so… to bridge the gap in the treatment of an array of psychiatric disorders. We’ve talked about the growing body of evidence that demonstrates the extraordinary antidepressant effects of this […]


BDNF and Microbiome: Your Paved Path to a Fulfilling Life

BDNF and microbiome pave your path to fulfillment in life.

Strengthen your microbiome, build up your BDNF: Live Better and Enrich Your Relationships Feel sluggish…like your brain is falling down on the job? “Why did I come into the kitchen?” “Where are my keys?” “I’m so overwhelmed…!” Wishing you had more physical and mental energy… and feel kind of foggy..? It’s not surprising if you […]


Fuel Hope With Gratefulness All Year Round

Fuel hope with gratefulness this season.

Surprising Results Can Follow Counterintuitive Choices Thank you. Such sweet words. Here in the US, we’re just ending a four-day celebration we call Thanksgiving weekend. True, the official day for Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday of November each year — but it’s also true that most families spend the entire four day weekend continuing to […]


Marti’s Story: How Ketamine Smashes Treatment-Resistant Depression

Ketamine smashes depression.

Ketamine Can Eradicate Severe Depression Do you know anyone who’s severely depressed? I want you to meet Marti. If you’ve never experienced severe depression yourself, learning about Marti’s journey may give you a glimpse into what it’s like. And if you have…well…I hope Marti’s story helps you feel less alone…and helps you find hope for your future, […]


Ketamine Boost Infusions: When You Feel Better-ish, But Not Better Enough

Ketamine boost infusions put the wind back in your sails.

Ketamine Boost Infusions Combined with Infrastructure Changes May Help You Sustain Remission What do you do when the symptoms return? You spent years in that condition. The sadness, the hopelessness…the numbness.  That terrible shame. Unable to participate. Shut down. Withdrawn. Or, maybe the symptoms were reactions to sudden noises…smells…darkness… or touch. They may even have […]


Remission by Ketamine Treatment: How You Can Hold On to the Benefits

Remission by ketamine treatment allows these girls to play in the surf.

IV Ketamine is a Most Extraordinary Medicine  Here Are Some Ways to Hold On to Its Benefits This ONE medicine can relieve a wide array of psychiatric disorders. Remission by ketamine treatment is at center stage of the mental health world. The same medicine that lifts depression and restores creativity, initiative, and hope, also stops suicidal thinking […]