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PTSD in Parents: If Your Child is Diagnosed with a Life-Threatening Illness

PTSD in parents after their child is diagnosed with a critical illness can be healed with ketamine treatment.

Your child. Devastating diagnosis. Potentially fatal. The very thought runs chills down your spine. Takes your breath away. You’re paralyzed. We’ve talked in the past about PTSD, and how there are varied events that can cause it. The best known cause is active combat. But many different kinds of traumatic events can lead to post-traumatic-stress-disorder […]


Building Infrastructure: Love Heals – and Kindness Matters – as You Make a Difference in This World

Building infrastructure: love heals and kindness matters.

Live your life in a way that creates inspiration – and leave a legacy of restoration in your wake. We’ve been talking about how ketamine treatment can help you reach remission, and how your frame of mind, attitude, and the way you react to frustration and hurt can either support your new-found remission, or sabotage […]


Advances in Psychiatric Treatment: 2018 in Review

Advances in psychiatric treatment help this man find joy again.

Happy New Year!!  The big silver ball falls tonight to celebrate the birth of 2019. Let’s celebrate the unprecedented, transforming, and ever-accelerating advances in psychiatric treatment this year and the neuroscience that backs it up. Celebrate is the word. Because we’re so grateful to the courageous researchers around the beginning of the 21st century who […]


This Holiday Season: Real Love Means Helping

True love means helping your loved one who suffers from a mood disorder

Ketamine and you are beacons of hope for someone you love  The holiday season is upon us…once again.  The anticipation of gifts and family gatherings, great food and fun times runs rampant among the younger set, and is deeply appreciated by the older generation, as well. But if your family includes one or more members […]


2018 Innovative Psychiatry: Ketamine Developments

2018 Innovative Psychiatry ketamine developments show 80% response in treatment-resistant disorders.

What a year it’s been!! As this busy year creeps toward its end, it’s fun to look back on all we’ve accomplished in our hard work to help find more effective treatment for those who suffer with symptoms that don’t respond to traditional treatment. Since the early beginnings in my work as a psychiatrist, I’ve […]


Microbiome Gut-Brain Axis Influences Your Mood for Better or for Worse

Microbiome gut-brain axis makes woman joyful and happy.

New Research on How the Gut – Brain Axis Helps Improve Your Symptoms You’ve heard the saying, “You are what you eat,” and you may or may not have bought into it. I know, I know… When someone starts saying things like that, you brace yourself for sermons on eating kale, removing the sugar addiction […]


Dissociation: Is It Key to Ketamine’s Antidepressant Response?

Ketamine's antidepressant response may be predicted by dissociative experiences.

That Floating Sensation May Predict Ketamine’s Healing At Work Know anyone who’s depressed? I don’t mean someone feeling blue or disappointed, but really depressed. The hard-to- function type of depression. The hard-to-think-hard-to-get-out-of bed kind of depression. Where everything looks dark and hopeless, and you doubt yourself and your value…and it continues and gets worse for […]


World Bipolar Day is for YOU

World Bipolar Day is for you, your children, and your community. Stop the stigma.

World Bipolar Day is for You. Whether you know this illness intimately, because it’s part of every hour of every day for you, or whether you love someone who suffers. And even if you don’t, you can help with support, kindness, and funds. Make this world a better place. World Bipolar Day is for you. […]

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Breaking News! Ketamine’s Rapid Relief of Depression in the Lateral Habenula

Ketamine's rapid relief of depression is helped when it blocks bursting in the lateral habenula.

Ever get tired of the ongoing discussions about depression…? What causes it, and what actually helps people feel better? How many people have you heard complain that they don’t believe in psychiatric medicine because “it doesn’t work?” People who say they feel like guinea pigs and are fed up…? Or…maybe you’re one of those people…? […]