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What the dictionary says…

The dictionary definition of resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.  It’s knowing how to cope and maintain an even keel in spite of setbacks, barriers, or limited resources. It has to do with emotional strength. We offer these articles about resilience to dispel stigma, and to show how you can gain resilience. In addition, to show how resilience has set itself as a key factor for determining that someone is doing well, and possibly even achieving remission from depression.

In this day and time, when IV ketamine has been helping so many achieve remission, it has become commonplace to judge outlook and frame of mind by the level of resilience. For some, even inklings of resilience indicate symptoms are dissipating.

What Resilience Does

The early twinkling of bits of resilience gives hope to someone suffering from depression that they may be improving.

Resilience is a quality, a factor, a tool, and a hope-instigator.

It’s also the ability to adapt to adversity …and to manage strong feelings and impulses.

When you’re depressed, a disappointment or hurt can set you back for weeks or months. You find you can’t recover because the pain of it just goes on and on mercilessly.

How IV Ketamine Treatment Can Restore Resilience

This is where IV ketamine treatment can transform your outlook. Resilience and initiative can return. Hope can take the place of despair. And resilience can introduce remission.

With the help of IV ketamine treatment, you can learn to change the way you see crises. Rather than viewing difficulties as insurmountable problems, you can learn to see them as challenges to be resolved.  You can look at your past experiences and learn from them then apply what you’ve learned as new challenges arise.

The Result of Developing Resilience

As you make steps in this direction, your self confidence can grow. Your belief in your ability to handle what comes into your life can become stronger.

We hope you’ll read these articles about resilience and see ways to grow it,  develop it, strengthen it, and maintain it. We also want to show how IV ketamine can kick start that process when a disorder has drained away your your ability to cope at all. 

The Stigmatizing Term: Mentally Ill

Young woman, called mentally ill, suffers from stigma and in despair needs ketamine off-label treatment.

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Resilience: Adapting To Emerge as Your Best Self

Reaching out for the sun demonstrating the triumph of resilience over adversity.

Do you know someone who can’t seem to go through difficulty without collapsing emotionally?  Whether the difficulty is a natural disaster, a broken relationship, or a financial loss… Some people can weather difficult storms with strength and resilience. Others become grief-stricken and shut down every time something disappointing happens.  Why is that? So what is […]