Articles About Addictions

Activities and Behaviors such as sex, shopping, surfing the internet, gambling, pain-seeking, cutting, viewing or attaining pornography, eating, playing video games, exercising…

Because addiction is complex, treatment can be complex also. In these articles about addiction, you’ll find posts about how ketamine can reduce or stop craving. You may still require counseling or psychotherapy to help you change your thinking patterns that lean toward addictive behaviors. Even so, it can be an immeasurable help to not have to fight cravings in the process.

Types of Addictions:

Substances such as:

Opioids including heroin




Prescription medications

Amphetamines including Methamphetamine




Behaviors such as:




Playing video games



Surfing the internet

Pain Seeking


This is not a complete list, but rather offers examples of addictions.  The rule of thumb is to consider whether the use of a substance or a behavior interferes with your daily living. Does it affect your relationships at home, or socially? Does it interfere with your family life? How about your relationships with co-workers, as well as your work performance? Are any laws being broken?

Denial is the first and perhaps hardest obstacle to overcome so you can seek treatment. When you evaluate the role this substance or behavior plays in your life, the objective opinion of a close friend or family member might add objectivity and perspective.

In recent times, IV ketamine treatment has emerged as a rapid and robust treatment for depression and other psychiatric disorders. Elias Dakwar, M.D., has done exceptional work demonstrating ketamine’s ability to stop craving in addicts.

Ketamine is proving to be a dynamic tool to break the craving cycle and to enhance psychotherapy by providing neuroplasticity to support change.

Since many addictions are accompanied by depression, IV ketamine treatment can also slash the depression while reducing craving and enhancing psychotherapy.

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International Conference on Ketamine for Psychiatric Disorders 2018

Ketamine for Psychiatric Disorders breakfast.

Can you say PHENOMENAL??? Let’s hear it for Ketamine Treatment and Oxford!! I just returned from a history-making global conference focused on research and clinical evidence for ketamine for psychiatric disorders. Experts from nearly every continent spoke of their own data and evidence from this emerging field of the the science behind ketamine and the […]


Crack Cocaine Use – Ketamine Can End Cravings

crack cocaine use. ketamine treatment ends craving.

Life or Death…? Joann’s heart pounded and her hands trembled as she attempted to dial 9-1-1.  Finally, the call went through and she choked out, “I need an ambulance. My son is unconscious…” Breathless, she tried to answer the operator’s questions. “…I don’t know what happened. He’s really pale, and he’s been vomiting. Please hurry!” […]


Ketamine – Outpatient Treatment for Addiction

Ketamine outpatient treatment for addiction.

Ohhhh, the weekend. The time when you can finally let down and let go after a week of grind. Waking to the alarm clock day after day after day…  Sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic…  Not once but twice a day…day in and day out. Friday night? It’s time to PARTY!! Meet your friends at your favorite […]


Suboxone: Can It Get You Back on Track?

Treatment-resistant depression can lead the sufferet to dark places.

Suboxone treatment for opioid dependence offers hope and a way to normalize your life and get it back on track. It is an enormously useful medication-assisted treatment for opioid dependence and it can save your life or the life of someone you love who is addicted to heroin or pain pills (oxy, oxycodone, hydrocodone, Opana, […]


The 3 Phases of Addiction


Addiction steals your joy, hijacks your plans, destroys your family and can ruin your life. It is more complicated than just overindulging in an activity or substance that boosts your mood and doesn’t want to let up. Addictions are psychiatric disorders that require treatment. In order to fully understand addiction, it’s important to understand the […]