Articles About Addictions

Activities and Behaviors such as sex, shopping, surfing the internet, gambling, pain-seeking, cutting, viewing or attaining pornography, eating, playing video games, exercising…

Because addiction is complex, treatment can be complex also. In these articles about addiction, you’ll find posts about how ketamine can reduce or stop craving. You may still require counseling or psychotherapy to help you change your thinking patterns that lean toward addictive behaviors. Even so, it can be an immeasurable help to not have to fight cravings in the process.

Types of Addictions:

Substances such as:

Opioids including heroin




Prescription medications

Amphetamines including Methamphetamine




Behaviors such as:




Playing video games



Surfing the internet

Pain Seeking


This is not a complete list, but rather offers examples of addictions.  The rule of thumb is to consider whether the use of a substance or a behavior interferes with your daily living. Does it affect your relationships at home, or socially? Does it interfere with your family life? How about your relationships with co-workers, as well as your work performance? Are any laws being broken?

Denial is the first and perhaps hardest obstacle to overcome so you can seek treatment. When you evaluate the role this substance or behavior plays in your life, the objective opinion of a close friend or family member might add objectivity and perspective.

In recent times, IV ketamine treatment has emerged as a rapid and robust treatment for depression and other psychiatric disorders. Elias Dakwar, M.D., has done exceptional work demonstrating ketamine’s ability to stop craving in addicts.

Ketamine is proving to be a dynamic tool to break the craving cycle and to enhance psychotherapy by providing neuroplasticity to support change.

Since many addictions are accompanied by depression, IV ketamine treatment can also slash the depression while reducing craving and enhancing psychotherapy.

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Does Problematic Drinking Follow You Around Damaging Your Credibility?

Problematic drinking follows you and can damage your credibility.

New study reveals extensive genetic links not only to alcohol use disorder, but also problematic drinking without physical dependence Brandon caught his breath and stopped.  He looked around him.  Where am I … and how did I get here? He was surrounded in pitch blackness. Couldn’t see a street light, not even moonlight. He realized […]

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Can Use of Opioids Lead to PTSD? And If So, What Can You Do?

You know how a disorder – like bipolar disorder or PTSD – can make you so miserable…even make you want to self-medicate?   Doing so is rarely a good idea, though it may seem at the time that it helps.  But that’s for another post. Anyway, you know how self-medicating often accompanies these disorders, and […]

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Reach Out for Ketamine… to Get Better… and Make 2020 Your Best Year Yet

This teen is alone and hopeless, but if she'll reach out for ketamine treatment her depression can lift and she can make healthy friendships...and have hope.

This is the first Monday of the New Year…so how do you start a new year? With resolutions? A diet?  Maybe more exercise? Lots of people do. But what about you? What if you don’t have an appetite…?  Might be hard to stick to a diet more than a couple days… and what if you […]

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IV Ketamine Can Create Resilience For You This Season

Even during the holidays you can find yourself alone when everyone else is having a good time, but ketamine can help you enjoy being with people again.

This time of year conjures up visions of sugarplums, elves, and Christmas trees guarding piles of gifts. There are carolers singing on the corner, and menorahs and dreidels and flickering candle light. Families come together, and friends are invited to share in the celebrations. A manger with a Baby surrounded by angels, shepherds, and wise […]

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Even One Dose of IV Ketamine Can Dramatically Reduce Heavy Drinking

Alcoholic drinks at a holiday party are abundant and a strong temptation if you're trying to stay sober.

It’s the holiday season again and there are parties every weekend, with work, with friends, with family – they crop up everywhere. Festive gift bags provided at liquor stores make it easy to present a gift of alcohol in the busy bustle of the season. For some, holiday drinking is light and rare. For others, […]

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Each 4-Hours of Exercise Reduces Future Depression

This lady is jogging and knows that exercise reduces future depression.

Can you believe it’s already December?  We’re smack in the middle of the holidays!  The last month of 2019 has begun. If this December is anything like the past, it will zoom by like a rocket. I hope your Thanksgiving was a joyful time for you. Going forward, it’s part of the tradition at this […]

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