RESILIENCE! It’s the New Buzzword Among People with Mood and Anxiety Disorders

Reslience! it's the buzzword that people with psychiatric disorders are talking about.

Too much screen time? Let yourself have 2 more minutes of it right now: because if you’ve been tooling around reading anything related to mood disorders or anxiety disorders, IV ketamine, and other advanced treatments, you’ve probably noticed that there’s buzz about resilience. Because of the world that has opened up since IV ketamine began […]


Advances in Psychiatric Treatment: 2018 in Review

Advances in psychiatric treatment help this man find joy again.

Happy New Year!!  The big silver ball falls tonight to celebrate the birth of 2019. Let’s celebrate the unprecedented, transforming, and ever-accelerating advances in psychiatric treatment this year and the neuroscience that backs it up. Celebrate is the word. Because we’re so grateful to the courageous researchers around the beginning of the 21st century who […]


Dissociation: Is It Key to Ketamine’s Antidepressant Response?

Ketamine's antidepressant response may be predicted by dissociative experiences.

That Floating Sensation May Predict Ketamine’s Healing At Work Know anyone who’s depressed? I don’t mean someone feeling blue or disappointed, but really depressed. The hard-to- function type of depression. The hard-to-think-hard-to-get-out-of bed kind of depression. Where everything looks dark and hopeless, and you doubt yourself and your value…and it continues and gets worse for […]


Why Ketamine Over Esketamine? It Works and It’s Available NOW

Why ketamine over esketamine? Because it's twice as effective.

Treatment for Psychiatric Mood Disorders Has Been Quietly Waiting To Do Its Magic for 50 Years He was 48, in the midst of a booming career, and like some others who demonstrate that special kind of genius, he had periods when depression came over him unexpectedly…and made it extremely difficult to function. Because of his […]


Rapid-Acting Antidepressants Help You Get Better FAST

Rapid-acting antidepressants like ketamine can restore dark emptiness to joy.

Smash Treatment-Resistant Mood Disorders with Rapid-Acting Antidepressants: Like Ketamine Treatment We’ve talked before about the line to the throne where ketamine treatment now reigns. Formulators in a lab were seeking to create a new anesthesia, and they thought they’d found one.  They called it Sernyl—but the unpredictable side effects, hallucinations, and sometimes violent behavior, drove […]


True Recovery From Trauma and How to Find Restoration

True recovery from trauma happens when you know what you've learned from it, and you become calm when you think about it.

  Trauma: Don’t Beat Yourself Up – Allow Your Loved Ones to Lift You UP Have you been through something traumatic …? Maybe you’re a combat veteran, a first responder, or a victim of severe domestic abuse. It might have been a car wreck, or the unexpected sudden loss of someone you love. Fixed beliefs […]


Anxiety and Panic Disorder: Can This Condition Be Quelled?

 Anxiety and Panic Disorder – A Tormenting Presence “Am I going to die? I feel like I’m dying…”  “No, you’re going to get through this. You’re having a panic attack. Just keep looking in my eyes and holding my hand. These feelings are going to pass in a few minutes. Hold on…” The emergency department […]