IV Ketamine Treatment for the Saddest Day of the Year…? Maybe so, if it’s SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder Treatment

SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder Treatment is available in IV ketamine treatment.

So maybe you’ve heard of Blue Monday…?  January 15, the saddest day of the year. This 13 year old hoax needs a little straightening out. See if you agree. Blue Monday? What does that have to do with psychiatry? Pretty much nothing … but let me explain. In 2005, a guy named Dr. Cliff Arnall in […]

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2018: Neuroscience Breakthroughs like IV Ketamine Treatment Mean Breakthroughs for YOU

Neuroscience breakthroughs with IV ketamine treatment make the future look bright.

Neuroscience breakthroughs like…IV ketamine treatment..? Exactly. 2018 lies before us, like a valley that spreads to the horizon. And while it’s impossible to access the future, you can move forward knowing that each “today” you live has promise that was unheard of until recently. Especially if you suffer from untreated or treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, bipolar […]

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Ketamine Treats Social Anxiety Disorder…Seriously…?

ketamine treats social anxiety disorder so attending a party is much easier.

  Yes. Let’s be really clear. Because nothing seems really clear if you’re someone who just doesn’t want to go … Go? Yes, who doesn’t want to … or can’t just easily … go. To work. To class. A meeting. That job interview. Even out for coffee. Or Shopping.  There are a thousand reasons you might […]

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What Your Friend With OCD Needs from You

Boy locks door repeatedly so what does your friend with OCD need from you?

Wonder how to help someone with OCD?  Think about what your friend with OCD needs from you… Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or OCD, is a condition where intrusive thoughts occur in your mind over and over again. You don’t want to have these thoughts or ideas…but you can’t stop them by sheer will. To make it […]

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Holidays with Depressed Family…How’s It Going for You?

This baby sleeping in a box at Christmas is peaceful. But holidays with depressed family can be hard on everyone.

Holidays with Depressed Family … Not Easy Are you enjoying this holiday season…? This time of shopping, music, winter hats and gloves… hot chocolate and marshmallows. Sounds like a Christmas carol, doesn’t it…? On the other hand, there’s another side to the holidays, isn’t there? Is setting up the tree, and unwrapping all your ornaments, something […]

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Anxiety Treatment That Doesn’t Make You Sleepy

Anxiety treatment that doesn't make me sleepy? Ketamine gives this young woman resilience.

What Is Anxiety, and How Do You Treat It? People talk about depression, talk about PTSD, and about bipolar disorder. But how do you talk about anxiety? How do you know if you have anxiety, and how do you find anxiety treatment that won’t make you sleepy so you can do things without being tired…or […]

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Can Inflammation Cause Suicide? What Can We Do to Stop It?

Can inflammation cause suicide?

Really?? Can Inflammation Cause Suicide…?  Or Suicidal Thoughts? Maybe you’ve just reached the end of your rope. The long dark days, the despair of watching everything always go wrong, the deterioration of your relationships, the exhaustion and inability to think well enough to do your job…and that feeling that you despise yourself. Loss of self-respect […]

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