Remission by Ketamine Treatment: How You Can Hold On to the Benefits

Remission by ketamine treatment allows these girls to play in the surf.

IV Ketamine is a Most Extraordinary Medicine  Here Are Some Ways to Hold On to Its Benefits This ONE medicine can relieve a wide array of psychiatric disorders. Remission by ketamine treatment is at center stage of the mental health world. The same medicine that lifts depression and restores creativity, initiative, and hope, also stops suicidal thinking […]


Anorexia, Ketamine, and the Default Mode Network

Anorexia, ketamine, and the default mode network study can reveal better treatment for eating disorders.

  Anorexia, Ketamine, and the Default Mode Network Do you feel good about what you weigh?  Or about how you look? If you hesitated to answer, you’re not alone. If you answered No…or…I’m not sure… again, you’re not alone. Survey Says: The Majority Doesn’t Like the Way They Look Allure, a magazine centered on beauty, […]


Ketamine for Anorexia? Don’t Let an Eating Disorder Be Your Default Mode

Ketamine for anexoria.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month Eating Disorders Are Psychiatric Disorders Surprised?  Anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder… The National Eating Disorder Association lists 10 conditions as eating disorders. And, it so happens that ketamine treatment can work wonders and restore your life. Too many people who don’t have a family member suffering with an […]


Treating Postpartum Depression Requires Fast-Acting Medicine: Ketamine Treatment Restores

Treating postpartum depression is vital for both mom and baby.

Postpartum Depression and Paternal Postpartum Depression Mental Health Awareness Month is also Maternal Depression Awareness Month #BreaktheSilence So let’s stamp out the stigma and talk about mothers and Postpartum Depression. Treating postpartum depression requires fast-acting treatments because there’s so much at stake. Pregnant and breastfeeding moms are targets for anxiety and depression for so many […]