Thanksgiving Day 2020 Holiday in the Pandemic – Learning New Ways to Share

Thanksgiving Day 2020 Holiday is for sharing your day with loved ones online, not face to face.

We’ll never forget 2020. For the COVID-19 pandemic, for the social and political turmoil, for the economic struggles and adjustments that have accompanied all of it. And we’ll never forget the Thanksgiving Day 2020 holiday when people stayed home, meals attended by only a few, while watching the graphs of COVID cases, hospitalizations, and deaths […]


IV Ketamine Maintenance Infusions: How Many? How Frequently?

This girl is depressed but IV Ketamine maintenance infusions may help her recover.

Charlene could not remember a time when she wasn’t depressed. A series of tragedies in her family along with psychiatric disorders in her relatives, all seemed to lead to her own depression. Antidepressants she’d taken for years seemed to do very little. Regardless of dosage or ration, she’d long ago lost hope that she’d every […]