BDNF and Microbiome: Your Paved Path to a Fulfilling Life

BDNF and microbiome pave your path to fulfillment in life.

Strengthen your microbiome, build up your BDNF: Live Better and Enrich Your Relationships Feel sluggish…like your brain is falling down on the job? “Why did I come into the kitchen?” “Where are my keys?” “I’m so overwhelmed…!” Wishing you had more physical and mental energy… and feel kind of foggy..? It’s not surprising if you […]


NYT asks: Can We Stop Suicides? Here’s Our Response

Can we stop suicide? Yes, IV ketamine is saving lives daily.

An article published this past Friday, Nov. 30, 2018, in the New York Times Opinion section, asks about a possible remedy for suicidal thinking. Well researched, but not quite well enough. Keep reading… Author Moises Velasquez-Manoff explored the notion that maybe…just maybe…we can quell the epidemic rate of suicide. He points out that the suicide rate […]


Fuel Hope With Gratefulness All Year Round

Fuel hope with gratefulness this season.

Surprising Results Can Follow Counterintuitive Choices Thank you. Such sweet words. Here in the US, we’re just ending a four-day celebration we call Thanksgiving weekend. True, the official day for Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday of November each year — but it’s also true that most families spend the entire four day weekend continuing to […]


Microbiome Gut-Brain Axis Influences Your Mood for Better or for Worse

Microbiome gut-brain axis makes woman joyful and happy.

New Research on How the Gut – Brain Axis Helps Improve Your Symptoms You’ve heard the saying, “You are what you eat,” and you may or may not have bought into it. I know, I know… When someone starts saying things like that, you brace yourself for sermons on eating kale, removing the sugar addiction […]


Ketamine KRIYA Conference 2018

Ketamine KRIYA Conference 2018-Dawn of a new field.

KRIYA!! The most phenomenal ketamine conference to date!   Last weekend I attended and presented at the ketamine KRIYA Conference 2018 in San Francisco. This conference emerged as the most dynamic gathering of front-line ketamine practitioners I’ve ever experienced. And what an event! The ketamine KRIYA Conference 2018 was extraordinarily different than any other research […]

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PTSD Can Make You Sick. Can Ketamine Stop That Before It Does?

You feel shattered with PTSD but can ketamine stop that and help you achieve remission?

Studies Imply PTSD is a Gateway Condition That Can Lead to Other Critical Illnesses. Ketamine treatment can bring PTSD to remission, and hopefully prevent these other illnesses. Bang! A sudden loud noise breaks the stillness. “What tha…??!! Your companion jumps with a startled exclamation, missing that you’re standing there frozen, pale, and in-one-motion spun around […]


The Right Dose of Ketamine for You

The right dose of ketamine for you helps you enjoy the things you use to love doing.

Ketamine Treatment for Mood Disorders is NOT One-Size-Fits-All Have  you suffered from severe depression, suicidal thoughts, social anxiety… or PTSD, OCD, bipolar disorder, addiction… and the treatments your doctor prescribed didn’t help? Did you reach out to a doctor who offers ketamine, or a ketamine clinic in your area, and find that it hardly helped? It’s […]

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So You Want to Buy Esketamine Nasal Spray… Really??

When esketamine nasal spray didn't help, ketamine treatment did for this man.

Is It the Hype…?  Or Is There Something about Esketamine You Really Want…? Ok,  you’ve been wishing for a remedy for your distress with this mood disorder.  I get it. Something that will do more than take the edge off, but instead will really help you feel good again. You’ve heard about ketamine treatment, but having to go to […]


Rape and PTSD: Can Ketamine Treatment Offer Hope?

Rape and PTSD can be crippling...ketamine treatment can help you function again.

Rape and PTSD Are Pervasive and Unrelenting She froze. Beads of perspiration broke out on her scalp…her eyes flashed wide. Terror gripped her and she prepared to fight off her attacker… She waited.  Held her breath. Seconds passed. Then a minute….so she quietly sucked in some air… and slowly — almost imperceptibly— looked into the […]