We want to provide the treatment you need to feel better — and we need to follow you at regular intervals to do that.

To schedule an appointment or to obtain additional information about our practiceAppt for treatment with LoriCalabreseMD result in a sense of wellbeing., please call us at 860.648.9755 between 9 am and 5 pm. (Although we’re open for extended hours, the phones are on only from 9-5.)

We’re currently scheduling new patients for IV Ketamine Infusions and TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation).

We invite you to visit our Ketamine and TMS pages for information about these extraordinary treatments that are bringing countless patients hope and remarkable improvement.

So with all of that excitement comes change.

We’re not scheduling new patients for psychopharmacology, i.e., medication management. That arm of our practice is full.

First Appointment

Your first appointment for an IV ketamine consultation will last about 1 1/2 hours and may include your first infusion if ketamine is appropriate for you.

TMS consultations are scheduled for an hour and if TMS is appropriate for you, your first TMS appointment will be scheduled on a later date.

Follow-up appointments are important to ensure your well-being, and will depend on the treatment you’re receiving. IV Ketamine and TMS treatments are scheduled for an hour.

Psychopharm and Suboxone Appointments

Psychopharmacology and Suboxone appointments are scheduled in 15 minute blocks.

If you’re bringing a family member with you to your appointment or need more time, please let us know so that we can schedule a double appointment or reschedule you for a longer block of time.

If you often require more time, or require extended time due to missed appointments or too long an interval since your last appointment, you will be charged for a double appointment and asked to schedule a double appointment in the future.

We make every effort to try to accommodate your needs and — if you’re prescribed medication — to ensure that you have enough to last until your next visit.

Certain psychiatric medications cannot be refilled without an appointment.

If you request a refill before your next scheduled appointment but need to be seen, we’ll indicate this to your pharmacy or contact you to come in for an office visit before we refill the prescription.

In certain cases, I may authorize the pharmacy to dispense a few days’ worth of medication until we can schedule you to be seen.

Given the complexities of life, psychiatric symptoms themselves, and the medications we use, it is critically important that we follow you carefully and that you keep your follow-up appointments. 

The relief you want and need is available through regular follow-ups so we can address issues as they arise.

Please contact us to schedule the time you need for us to help you reach a better state of well-being. We want to see you thrive.